My Favorite 2011 Albums

Every year I like to document the music that affected me the most. Each songs reminds me of a feeling I felt in 2011..good or bad. Maybe I make music to personal but for me, it’s the way I understand my feelings and even express myself. Sometimes it’s not so much the words that I relate with but the emotion it creates.
I’m always in search of a new song, but sometimes the songs finds me.

Here are my 2011 Favorite Album:

1. Within and Without (Bonus Track Version)- Washed Out play
2. You Are All I See (Bonus Track Version)- Active Child play
3. Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming.- M83 play
4. Where We Are- Mackintosh Braun play
5. Making Mirrors- Gotye play
6. Ghost Upon the Earth- Gungor play
7. Ceremonials- Florence & The Machine play
8. Pulling Our Weight – The Radio Dept. play
9. Songs About Us- Us and Our Daughters play
10. Brothers (Deluxe Version)- The Black Keys play

What were some albums you fall in love with this year?