Film: Learning how to walk

As I was cleaning my room, I was captured by a photo I took a few years ago. It was my first roll of film with an old SLR. I had asked my family to come outside as I tested the camera. It had been years since I taken any photos.

I remember looking through the eye piece for the first time and how it awakened my heart for photography.  Something inside of me sparked as I captured my dad helping my nephew walk.

My family went with me to pick up the prints that day. We were so excited we looked at them inside the store. The photo developer said, “They came out good, this one is my favorite” and handed me the photo of my dad holding my nephew’s little hand. We stood there and all said, “Wow.” Not because of me or the camera but something very special was captured.

This picture of my dad holding my nephew’s hand makes me think of how God helps us in life. We think we have to do it on our own, carry every burden and worry, but God offers His hand.

When he falls, he will not be thrown down headfirst because the LORD holds on to his hand.

Psalm 37:34