We Made It – Year One.

Next week, Gus and I will celebrate one year together. What a journey. I thought it would be fun to share our story. Here is an audio interview if you’ll like to know the details. Its 25 minutes long so relax and enjoy.

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Our First Date:

Us being friends.

Dating on accident.

After seven months of dating, we finally became a couple. officially.


Work Anniversary

Today is my official four-year anniversary working at The Rock Church. I text my friend the good news and she congratulated me for sticking around and committing myself to a job for that long.

When I was out in LA a few weeks ago a few people asked me what I did for a living. When I said “I’m a video editor at my church” they would give me a blank look, having no idea what a “church editor” does. Many asked, “Why does a church need a full-time video editor?”

Well The Rock Church has 23,000 members. We live in a world where communication is visual. I communicate whats going on through video announcements (mini commercials), communicate the vision of the church through special spot light videos (mini-documentaries), communicate what God is speaking to the hearts of the pastors (short films). I report the stories of what God has done in people’s lives at The Rock, visually (the news).

I just don’t sit at a computer and edit but I also come up with concepts, go out and film, direct, coordinate, etc etc etc. Thank goodness I have Beth who also edits with me. Together we produce some of the most random, funny, deep and inspiring videos San Bernardino has ever seen.

Each week our videos are seen by 13,000 people. Sometimes on holidays or large events I get a opportunity to share what is on my heart. The cool thing about The Rock is they give me so much creative freedom. They trust me. I am a little girl back stage creating videos and they allow me to speak in to lives of thousands each week.

When I returned home in 2007, I kept asking God, “Why did you bring me back!!”  Four years later, I now know why. The Rock Church has the most amazing heart for God and people. It’s a church that cares for people and has integrity.What I’ve learned here I couldn’t have learned anywhere else.

Here is a video I created for Easter about The Rock Church and World Outreach Center. We are a church full of real people with real lives who want to know God.

I am thankful and honored to be apart of The Rock. Happy Anniversary to me.

Four years

Dec 2006 I was completely lost. I had no idea what the next step was in my life. I thought I would be working and living in Sydney, but when the job fell through I had no where else to go but home.

Jan – March 2007 I was disparate to work and to contribute to society. I needed a job, friends and a new church. Friends were writing me from Australia about how great they were transitioning from bible college to the real world. I felt like God forgot about me. “I hate San Bernardino, why did You bring me back?”

April 2007 Some old friends invited me to the “famous large” church, The Rock. I heard rumors about it but never visited it. I began to go to their young adults. I decided to make The Rock Church my home church. Saw an ad in their bulletin for a graphic designer. I applied and interviewed. I was done waiting for a call from Sydney.

May 2007 “Can you start in a few days?” I answered. “YES!” I was officially one of The Rock’s graphic designer even though I wanted to be their video editor, I was willing to take whatever was offered. I needed to get my life moving forward, and this job was creative. My prayer was, “God just give me a creative job.”

December 2007 Visited Sydney. Loved it. Missed it. Camera got stolen. Pictures lost. “I’m coming back to Sydney guys.”

August 2008 I was promoted into the video department. I started to see why God brought me back to California. I was growing, learning and my heart began to mature.

October 2009 Another visit to Sydney. Everything was different. The boy I liked ignored me. “This is no longer home, I don’t belong here, good-bye Sydney.”

Jan 2010 Video editor. Team leader. Producer. Director. Camera operator.

March 2010 Bought the Canon 7-D. Officially a Photographer & Film maker.

August 2010 (Birthday month) Should I move to Paris? London? Vancouver? Sydney? Los Angeles? New York? San Francisco? Watched a travel show, learned that Vancouver is the second largest film & production industry city in the world.

November 2010 Started hanging out with a really cool guy. He was inspiring and caused me to see my faith and future in a fresh new light.

Jan 2011 Life was full of rainbows, butterflies and birds singing.

Feb 2011 Bought a Macbook Pro. Began doing more freelance work: Photography & Video. Layoffs at work and no more large events. Video department began to focus on how to use video to build the church up and not just entertain.

March 2011 Gray clouds. Really cool guy disappeared causing me to make up my mind. “It’s either now or never. Vancouver it is.”

April 2011 Spring. “Party of one.” Blog. Blog. Blog. Work. Work. Work. Cha ching.

May 2011 Four year anniversary at the Rock. I love my job, work, family.. *deep breath* But the time is coming for me to leave soon. Preparation is key. 

The past four years of my life.