Baby Jacob

Some time ago I took some photos of my nephew wearing the clothes I bought him in London. For the longest time I thought I had lost the files. I had only printed one picture and hung it on my mirror, looking at it everyday wondering “what did I do with the files?”. Today while doing some cleaning I found the cd. Hurry!

Movie Scene: I am a Kid

I gave my self a week to film, edit and post a completed movie scene.  Tomorrow I’ll write about the making of, what I learned, and what this scene means.

One thing I will share with you: I have chosen my audience and who I want to delight. I enjoy movies that are honest and full of subtext themes.

Share your thoughts, comments and feel free to critique me. I am doing this to learn 🙂

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Capture it

“Otherwise, the moment just… Passes you by…” A great line and conversation from My Best Friend’s Wedding.

My mom was getting my nephew packed up and ready to go home. As I was kissing him good bye I took a mental picture in my memory. I decided to get my camera. When I returned my mom was grabbing him. I had to plead with her to let me take a photo. She gave me three seconds and took him away.

I got the photo…I saved the memory.

Video Editing Mom

People has often asked me if I will still work when I have children. Though this is a normal question to ask a young girl, I know they were asking because they know I love video editing. I tell them that I will put my child on my back like the moms in Africa and edit.

My nephews were visiting me today and I decided I would test drive having a baby in my hand while being on the computer. Here is a video of me being silly with my baby nephew, Jacob.


A Christmas Gift

Last week my friend’s husband emailed me and reminded me of an interview I did a year ago with him and his wife. He told me he had the money to pay for it and that he wanted to give it to his wife for Christmas. In my opinion, a personal video is the sweetest gift anyone can give.   Its their story of strength, hope and how they overcame the lost of the death of their second child. I pushed myself this week to get it done for him, working after working hours at the office, and even though I’ve grown in style since I filmed this, Im glad it came out nicely for her. I wish I could see the expression on her face when she sees this for the first time.

Chapter 1: Portraits w Two

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My perspective of being a mom is stressful and overwhelming, but to my surprise that isn’t what I captured in this photo shoot.  In fact this young mother came out very heroic.  I found that my framing and position helped deliver this message.

Here are some more Portrait tips:

Managing Viewpoint: To capture the great influences a mother has over their child, I changed my point of view to look up, giving the portrait a heroic perspective.

All Expressions: The expressions a child crying or being fussy can tell more of a story about their personality and can sometimes make it more interesting than a smile.

Reflection: This an innovative way to photograph an image. I found when the subject looked at her reflection her expression changed and it created a personal inner ‘soul searching’ moment.

Exaggerated Perspective: I wanted to draw the viewer’s eye to the diamond on her hand, expressing the significance of marriage and children.

Natural Filters: I used the willow tree to create a natural filter.

And now my favorite:

This photo has a cinematic feel to it. A whole story can be created by just one glance.

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