Monster Truck Jam

One of Jacob’s first phrases was, “Monster Trucks.” For his third birthday I decided I would take him to see some in person. My parents thought he might be a little young but even they knew how happy it would make him.

The moment he heard those large trucks coming out, he was fixated.

My boyfriend made fun of me that when I’m 80 I will be that old lady asking Jacob if he remembers the day we went to see Monster Trucks. I’m pretty such he will be the one still talking about it. haha! 

Happy 3rd Birthday Jacob.

Video Editing Mom

People has often asked me if I will still work when I have children. Though this is a normal question to ask a young girl, I know they were asking because they know I love video editing. I tell them that I will put my child on my back like the moms in Africa and edit.

My nephews were visiting me today and I decided I would test drive having a baby in my hand while being on the computer. Here is a video of me being silly with my baby nephew, Jacob.


What I do for fun

What I do for fun is what I do for work. I am indeed a very fortunate creative girl. What I do for work is what I believe in. Today a friend complimented me on a video I made for church and I responded, “Thank you, I put some heart in to that one.” And that’s what I do with all my work, I put my heart in to it. One day when I leave this earth, my videos will live past me and their message of hope, inspiration, purity and creativity will live on.

Be ready to watch this kid grow up.  David enjoying his childhood with grandma and grandpa.

A New Model is Born

As you have noticed, I’ve been M.I.A (missing in action) from my blog. No I haven’t lost the passion to create but my PC computer decided to get very slow on me. But never fear, I bear good news, I bought a Mac Book Pro! This Sunday, I will be able to get to work on all 10 photo shoots and post some new blogs in February. I am excited.

As for today, I edited a few photos of my new model.

My second nephew was born today. I was suppose to go and film the labor and birth but my sister had it while I was at work making a video. I was able to get a few photo of him on his first day of life.

Having a photographer in the family is indeed a real benefit. 🙂

Welcome to the world Jacob, we’ve been waiting for you.

Skeleton Photoshoot

My nephew was a dinosaur for Halloween but I bought him a costume of my own. I saw this great skeleton costume at the thrift store and imaged a great photo shoot with David using the camera’s flash and a flashlight. I had but five minutes to get some good shots. Keeping the attention of a two-year old boy isn’t easy.

Ps. The original Karate Kid is one of my favorite movies.



Playing Outside

Since my nephew has been living with us I’ve been using him as my model. In the photos I take of him it might look like he takes directions great but really I’m chasing him around the yard hoping to capture that one awesome shot.

Playing Outside, originally uploaded by Monica Briano.

Childhood is an amazing time in life. Everything is so new and exciting. I ran around my backyard with my nephew today and snapped some photos. For those moments playing with him I had no worries or thoughts about the future. It was pure happiness.

Playing Outside
David playing outside

I know when he grows up, he is going to hate these photos of himself in his cute little underwear.

Baby Face
Baby face

I believe every parents needs to learn how to work an SLR camera.

Baby boy
Baby boy
Tom's shoes
Tom's shoes

He loves his Thomas shoes.