Keeping the Rhythm

I’ve learned if there is something I want to do more of, I have to add it to my daily life and allow it to become apart of the flow. Routines have helped me meet deadlines,  remember tasks, and even achieve goals. I like to call this, “Keeping the Rhythm.”

Blogging, photography, video editing, spending time with friends, coffee, all the things I enjoy doing are part of my daily rhythm.

The goal is too keep life flowing like a good song. It doesn’t mean, “go go go” but to create patterns that will help get things done and create more time.

Creating a routine isn’t only good for getting things done. But it can add inspiration and creativity to an ordinary day. Adding things like; dinner with family, hang out with a friend, seeing a movie, and reading a book are the things that can bring refreshment in the mist of a busy life.

Add things that inspire you everyday: podcast, fresh music, talking to strangers, connecting with God, having a conversation with a family member, helping someone out.

Do watch out for habits that will kill your goals. Its the small things that are added to your routine that can suck up your energy and time.

Over the years I’ve seen my capacity grow as I managed my days better. I saw I have more time than I thought.

Here are some of my particle routines:
Every other Tuesday I meet up with one of my best friends at a coffee shop to talk about life and God.
Once a month I like to take a day trip to LA to enjoy an indie movie with a friend.
I blog the moment I feel inspiration. I write in my notebook then type it out when I am home with nothing to do.
I take my SLR camera with me when I am going somewhere interesting.
I listen to podcast while I edit and animate in after effects.
I read my bible in the morning when I eat my breakfast.

Some bad habits of mine:
I like to sleep a lot.
I tweet too much.
I allow my room to get really dirty before cleaning it.
I wait until I have no more clean clothes to do laundry.
I wish to read more books!

What do you wanna do more of? What do you need to eliminate?

September is mine

August was a busy month for me. To be honest, my creativity and inspiration was consumed by so many different projects, none of them being my own. This was good but then it wasn’t. Though I was completing projects for others, I myself could no longer afford me.

Until now. Since I worked all of August, I financially can hire myself.

There are a different few projects I am working on this month.

The first one, I was inspired to jump in to children photography. I was out shopping with my sister in Baby Gap and was taken by the photos on the walls. The kids were just so darn cute! I told my sister, “I would love to do children photography, that would be awesome.” I then remembered some wisdom I learned from, Robert Rodriguez.  -If you wanna be a filmmaker, then do it. That night, I posted up a status telling my 500 friends, “Free portraits for kids 2-5, book now.”

I have around five photo shoots booked, yes, for free. I am hiring out myself.

Second project, is to get my portraits done. I wish I could take them myself. I asked a few friends but I decided to do it myself. How you might ask, well.. I will post a blog telling you all about this.

This month of September. A month to stop saying “One Day”.

Testing out 16-35mm on David

A Prayer

Dear Lord,

I don’t want to go through life being a “rush head.” I don’t want to become so caught up in doing things that I never take the time to just spend my day with you. I am thankful for your sunset and your sunrise, they remind me you love me. I am about to run out the door but I wanted to pray this prayer to you. And I wanted to share it with the world.