Blog: What I Always Wanted

When I was in Paris I couldn’t help but fall in love with their little cars. In fact, I was surprise when I read the make of their cars, I thought, “What! Why doesn’t Nissan sale these in America?”

I began to notice little cars everywhere I went!

Back in 2007 my parents went with me to pick out a car. As always they talked me in to buying a car I didn’t really like. It was a black Nissan Maxima, the kind car a man drives. Though it was nice, I began to hate driving. I mean hate it. When I would introduce my car to someone they would say, “This is yours?”

I began to have car problems. I kept hearing two voices, “Pay it off, be debt free!” and “Pay off a car you really love.” So Saturday morning I got ready and went to the car dealership. I went in saw what I wanted, test drove it and in two hours I bought my dream car.

The point of my story isn’t to brag, its to tell you – Go after what you REALLY want. Don’t just do something because EVERYONE is telling you to do it. At the end of the day I was the one who had to drive that big man car for seven years and pay 8% interest. Finally, its out of my sight and everyday I smile when I start up my Mini Coop.

Now I love driving, I enjoy my mornings going to work, and everyone I introduce my car to they say, “This car is totally you.” Yes, I’m going to have to work harder to pay it off but now its worth it to me.

Movie Scene: I am a Kid

I gave my self a week to film, edit and post a completed movie scene.  Tomorrow I’ll write about the making of, what I learned, and what this scene means.

One thing I will share with you: I have chosen my audience and who I want to delight. I enjoy movies that are honest and full of subtext themes.

Share your thoughts, comments and feel free to critique me. I am doing this to learn 🙂

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Project Movie Scene

I notice my photography gets better every time I do a shoot. Its mainly because I keep on shooting, even when no one hires me out, I still pick up my camera and shot. Why? Because I love it.

What I really love is to edit. I want to edit films one day and even make them. How and when? Who knows. To be honest, I want to make movies now.  I want to learn the art of storytelling, editing, directing and everything that goes in to capturing a scene. The best way to learn this is to do it. I am apart of a very lucky generation. I own a great camera, editing software and have a massive audiences called the internet. The only thing stopping me from making a movie is me.

I came up with the idea to film a scene that would be in a movie every month, more often if possible. I will gather a few actors, give them the storyline and have them act it out. By doing this I will learn how to communicate, how to shoot, and edit a scene. Here I will make mistakes and learn from them.

I filmed the first of Project Movie Scene this evening. I can’t tell you how much fun I had doing it. It seemed to re-fuel my passion for filming.

Its called, “I am a Kid.”