The Buzz of the City

The buzz of the city filled the air with endless possibilities. From the moment we saw the bay bridge we knew we were in for an adventure. I imagined young people working in their studio offices making creative decisions that would influence our culture. The first stop we made was a hidden coffee shop. WhenContinue reading “The Buzz of the City”

Get Up or Give Up

It’s so easy to live in a small world on cruse control. We see and talk to the same people, the routine of life makes everyday easy.  The moment there is a challenge, it can feel like the world is ending. Today, I met up with the girls who volunteer with the video department. IContinue reading “Get Up or Give Up”

Q&A: My Interview with You

The past few years I’ve blogged to an audience of two. I would mainly create posts for my high school best friend. She would text me asking me when I was going to write something new. I began to write about everything I was in to; Photography, editing, film making, books, traveling, God. Soon otherContinue reading “Q&A: My Interview with You”

Route 66 – Classic Cars

I’ve always been fascinated with old cars. My parents tell me stories about how everyone in the city would drive all night and “cruse” the streets. My community once a year has a huge car show called Route #66. Everyone in town comes and shows off their classic cars. You can watch the full setContinue reading “Route 66 – Classic Cars”