The Speed of Change

Its so interesting when you notice change. Most of the times things seem to stay at a moderate pace. When we are in the mist of life, a part of us expects things to always remain the same; the good and the bad. The friends that surround us, family, pop culture, even the strangers that walkContinue reading “The Speed of Change”

Black and White shoot

I decided to change what I was looking for during this shoot. I found the real change was in the editing room. When I was picking out the photos -the usual ones I would disregard I decided to keep and my normal shots, I disregarded. I for one love color but I wanted different resultsContinue reading “Black and White shoot”

The Magic of Film

I finally develop two rolls of film today. The experiences of film just never gets old. Here are some favorite shots from the rolls today. Joshua Tree More at  Journey to Salvation Mountain and  Road Trip to Salvation Mountain (35mmFilm). David playing outside. More at Playing Outside. My photo shoot with Olivia, more at Photoshoot: Olivia Photo shoot with Drew.Continue reading “The Magic of Film”