Today when shopping, I saw this red dress. For some reason I had the thought I’m not worthy of such a dress. At that moment a story my mom shared with me came to mind. She shared about this woman who tried on an expensive dress when she was younger, it fit perfectly but she didn’t buy it thinking it was too much money to spend when she had a husband and kids at home. As she remembered this moment in her life, she realized compared to the cost of the dress, it was her youth that was priceless. What she would do to go back in time to be young again so she could wear that dress.

Now was my time, what excuse would I make up to believe I wasn’t worthy.

Time is too valuable to have negative thoughts govern life, to look back on your life and wish you would have. We are made in the image of God, full of beauty, mystery, and the unlimited possibility to be transformed. Buying the red dress was my way of saying I am more than worthy.

What if you allowed yourself to travel. What if you allowed yourself to fight against those thoughts that tell you, you can’t or its impossible. Can you hear the God whisper telling you its not true? Its up to us to do something about it. For me, it was getting that red dress.

What action will you take?