The Best Yet

The creative meetings for Easter started in March at church. As I looked for video examples to show the worship pastor I came across this beautiful credit intro on vimeo. It was modern and the style of music would be different for an Easter video. I showed it to the creative meeting and waited for their responds. After the video played I added, “Lets tell what happened at the Cross in a poetry spoken word form with abstract images displaying God’s powerful nature.” The creative team and pastor gave me thumbs up to try it.

Beth, who also edits with me arranged a guy from church to re-create the music and Erica, who is a song writer, to write a poem. When I finally got to creating the video, I sat at my desk not knowing how I was going to make this video. After Effects can be complex and I knew it was going to take some focus and time. Each 4 seconds was taking me 4 hours to create. I prayed and asked God for help.

When the video was complete, I showed the worship pastor and he was a little unsure how it was going to fit in. There was a chance it wasn’t going to get played. The day before Easter weekend it was time for the head pastor of The Rock, Pastor Jim to watch it. We set up the main auditorium so he could get the full effect. After it played I walked in the auditorium and sat down.

Pastor Jim looked at me and said, “I went a pastors conferences and someone had written a letter to that pastor saying they were going to leave the church because of the music and they said ‘God is not in that type of music’, the letter was written in the 1800’s about Amazing Grace. I was hoping we would have something alternative, lets play it.” I went back to my desk thinking about what my pastor told me.

I am part of an amazing generation. It’s true what God spoke to my heart when I was 18 years old, “you were born for such a time as this.”(Esther 4:14). I love how the church is embracing creativity and using it to bring God’s glory to a new generation. I know  God has given me a gift and I’m so glad the church allows me to use it to play a role in reaching lives.

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Information Overload and Looking for Inspiration

Easter Promo Project
Easter Promo Project

It’s my job to communicate a lot of information into an entertaining video under 1 minute in length.  Can it be done?  Yes.  For the Easter Project, I cut out the long fluff and added short fluff.  I visualize the information with images and video.  Making all the information available elsewhere such as website, brochures, etc.  Since this is an invitation, I chose a person who is friendly.  Then I used graphics to break up each event.

For all of my videos I do a bit of research, look for inspiration and then mix all the ideas together to form a video.  The Easter project’s inspiration came from a Nike ad.

I added some vintage Jesus Christ paintings that can’t be seen clearly but are there to give add some texture.

The graphic department came up with the overall look in the form of a logo.  I kept the logo the same and just added a bit of color.

You can use  the artwork others have created to pull inspiration from and then make it your own.  Try to stay away from creating a carbon copy of others work, try to develop your own look and style. Discovering my style in videos is something I am still working on.