What I avoid is What I need to do

I’ve been avoiding gathering up my past work together to display a solid portfolio, I wonder if others have this same dilemma. A part of me doesn’t want to revisit my old work, my work has never felt good enough. I want to start all over, but how can you start 15 years over.

In design of any kind, there are trends, and I often followed them. I always tried to make my work look like everyone else, because I know that is what worked. I remember the struggle it was to complete each project, every project was full of its own battles. I often had to do some tricks and fixes in order to move on and start something new.

So now its time to be honest with myself, to sit back and see what I am good at, and put that in a demo reel. I love sharing people’s stories, but how do I do that in a 1 min demo reel. Demo reels are suppose to be flashy, and upbeat. I debate what to share and put together, cause I know that will be the type of work I will attract.

If there is anything I learned from my observation in my procrastination is create what I like, stop trying to be like everyone else, people just might like what I make.

What I avoided for years, its time to finally do, make something I like and not worrying what others will think about it- yes the point of a demo reel is to attract work, and my goal is to attract work I want to create. I no longer want to avoid what I need to do.