Okay, Mom I’ll read it


Mom’s have a gift to notice things about their children’s lives that others don’t bother to see. No matter how old you get, mom will always be there trying to teach you something so you don’t have to struggle. When I saw my mom leave this book on my night stand, I rolled my eyes but soon realized I better read it, the cliché is true mothers know best.

When I was a teenager I stumbled upon a book in my parent’s library by Elizabeth George, Woman After God’s Heart. I read it out of curiosity but enjoyed the practical advice it shared. I had the same experience reading Life Management for Busy Women. I was reminded of the foundation habits I’ve abounded because of the excuses of busyness.

The book gave me new insight about being a mom, a wife, and having in-laws. Even though I’m still unmarried and have no kids, I like to prepare on what to do. If you’re looking for a cheerleader to lose weight, save money, make your family happy, mental health and ministry, this book will lead you in that direction. Now the hard part.. to do it.

“…the issue really isn’t the lack of time. No, the issue is the management of our self.”