Between Now and Then

A few years ago my dad shared a youtube video with me. It was of a motivation speaker named Les Brown. I laughed at how old fashion the graphics and studio audience looked but once I started listening he caught my attention. He spoke about inner conversation about our dreams, that our worst enemy can be ourselves.

“If you wanna keep on getting what’cha getting, keep on doing what’cha doing.”

“You are the director of your life.”

“The future is unfolding for you right now, its unlimited.”

“No one knows where you can don’t even know that.”

“If you aren’t willing to risk, you can not grow, and if you can not grow, you can not become your best, and if you can not become your best, you can not be happy, and if you can not be happy, then what else is there.”

I was so impacted and encouraged I saved the video to my itunes.

This week it came up on my shuffle. I let it play and to my surprise a lot of what he was saying I had overcome. I realized the growth of my inner conversation. I no longer talked my self out of my dreams but now I was encouraging myself. Positive growth doesn’t happen over night, it took a journey. Don’t let your life pass you by, be encouraged, all things are possible, dreams take hard work. So endure till the end. 🙂