Make Them Feel Beautiful Not Imperfect

My cousin asked me if I could do a shoot with her. She told me she went to the mall with a few of her friends to take pictures. My aunt began to tell me about their experience. “The man at the studio used a green screen for the backdrop. The picture came out looking fake. You could see green in their hair. He also touched up the photos, painting make up on the girls, adding eye lashes, taking out the lines on their face, and making their eyes bigger. He said he was making the photos ‘better’.” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I didn’t know if I should laugh or be angry. For one, these girls are fourteen, they have no wrinkles!
Getting photograph is an experience that should make the subject feel beautiful not imperfect. It’s the photographer’s job to capture the best in people not be a plastic sergeant.
I told my cousin I would take a few photos of her. I knew she loved to draw graffiti so I took her to a wall of graffiti I found a few years ago. She loved it.

The Door

An exit, an entrance.

One major reason I enjoy traveling so much is because my ears, eyes and heart are open. The first few days in Seattle, I felt like I couldn’t see what this city was trying to tell me.  Though my purpose for this trip was to be a student at a workshop, I knew I was in this city for deeper reason. As I walked downtown I was looking at the buildings, the strangers walking the streets but still it wasn’t saying anything to me.

A Door: Any gateway marking an entrance or exit from one place or state to another.

One of my random goals has been to enjoy a cup of coffee in Seattle. I thought I accomplished this on the first day but it wasnt until I shared one with others did I get the full experience.

The first cup was with Jenny. She lives in Vancouver but is from Ireland. She was the first person I met from the workshop.  After the class, we went to a corner cafe and talked about film making and life back at home. I told her she needs to make a film cause I know I would like her style. She joked and said she would make 200 days of Autumn for me. I laughed and told her how I really want her too.

The second was with Corey and his friends. We drove away from downtown and ended up at this cool place where the streets were full of fixie bikes and young people with laptops.  We enjoyed our drinks and talked about Seattle’s love for coffee.

The last was with an unexpected person. Just a few hours before he was a complete stranger. We sat and talked about family and shared our life stories.We walked around Capital Hill and ate burgers from Dickie.

As I was getting my stuff ready to go to the airport, I realized the city had spoken to me after all. I was looking for the door alone, but I needed others to be a part of opening it. The people I met brought the city to life and gave me confidence to exit the door of fear and enter with courage.

Now I see that Seattle was preparing me for Vancouver next year. If I could meet amazing new people in a few days imagine a year in a new city. I have nothing to fear and everything to hope for.

What I’m listening too..