Language of Faith

  Learning the language of faith feels like reading words backwards. It goes against every thought in the mind. When you speak the language out loud, its as if you start to walk towards the sky, flying above all that you’ve ever known to be reality. The language of God doesn’t have the words like,Continue reading “Language of Faith”

Self Help Junkie

I’m on the verge of becoming a self help junkie. But fear not. I promised myself the next book I read will either be about production or a biography. During the Christmas holidays I found myself lazy, fat and exhausted from the previous months of work, life and goals setting. I came across this book,Continue reading “Self Help Junkie”

Get Up or Give Up

It’s so easy to live in a small world on cruse control. We see and talk to the same people, the routine of life makes everyday easy.  The moment there is a challenge, it can feel like the world is ending. Today, I met up with the girls who volunteer with the video department. IContinue reading “Get Up or Give Up”

Video: Know the Culture

Marketing says know your audience, as a mega church media director I say, know the culture. The mistake I made in the past was looking too much at videos made by other churches. It took me years to realized what type of church I was apart of. It was only then was I able toContinue reading “Video: Know the Culture”

Blog: Now Boarding

The more I think about the past six months, the honest the answers become to my questions. February I left my job to pursue editing in the industry and to move to Canada. It appears the reason I left wasn’t about my career, my goals, or anyone else but it was about getting on theContinue reading “Blog: Now Boarding”

Blog: I am the Painting

This morning I had an idea to paint. I never really painted before but thought why not try. I had some supplies I bought years ago but never used. I also wanted to try time lapsing, so I set up my camera and pointed it towards my work station. As I started painting, it began toContinue reading “Blog: I am the Painting”

Blog: The Director’s Cut

The director’s cut is when the editor creates a specialized version that represent the director’s own approved edit. This sometimes means having more scenes with more information about the characters and can ultimately have a different ending. The past few weeks I’ve been living the Director’s cut. Which isn’t bad, just not what I pictured.Continue reading “Blog: The Director’s Cut”

An Image of Hope

There are certain images I can’t seem to get out of my head. There was this moment years ago when I was jobless and pretty much hopeless. I felt useless and rejected by every job out there. Not only could I not find an editing job but not even the shallow mall jobs would hireContinue reading “An Image of Hope”

Climbing the Mountain Cover

A few weeks ago I was at Forever 21 shopping and a song that I’d never heard of starting playing. I was taken by the lyrics and stood in the middle of the store listening. “I can almost see it That dream I’m dreaming but There’s a voice inside my head sayin, You’ll never reachContinue reading “Climbing the Mountain Cover”

The Time is Coming

The time is coming and soon it will arrive when my bags are packed and i drive towards the sun rise. To the airport I go and kiss my parents good bye to a land that if far and alive. A place full of strangers and get a city full of friends. Though all theContinue reading “The Time is Coming”