An older woman’s yard sale

Old women have the most interesting yard sales. The moment I saw these two older women sitting in the front yard, I said, “jack pot” ( to myself of course).

I’ve been looking for a vintage wedding dress to use for some photo shoots for a while now. I was so excited when I saw this old dress, the possibilities!

Vintage Wedding Dress

I then saw some old photo albums and hoped there were some photos in them. To my great fortune there were of someone’s shot gun wedding from the 70’s. When one of the women was adding up my total she said, “Oh she left some photos in here, should I take them out?.” I then said, “Oh I like old photos, I kinda wanna buy them.” The other woman said, “Oh just sale it for a dollar.” I then felt a little guilty that I was taking someone’s memories but it was her fault for leaving them in album. Don’t judge me.  The deal was too good to pass up.

Wedding Album

Another item I had been in search for was an old black bible with red edges. These bibles are family heirlooms and hard to find.

Old Bible

Their were too many tea sets to pick from. I wanted to buy them all but I picked two that caught my eye.

Tea Sets

Tea Set

The last item was too cool to resist, even though I’m not in to playing cards. The illustrations won me over.

Playing Cards

Yard sales are way cheaper than the thrift stores. I hope I don’t become a hoarder.