Book: “The Best Advice I Ever Got”

The past few months I’ve been reading Katie Couric’s, “The Best Advice I Ever Got”. I discovered this book when I was searching through youtube for inspirational speeches. I was in need of an encouraging word from someone who was living their dream.

I wanted to hear some wisdom about pressuring the impossible. The book was perfect. Each page was full of encouraging life lessons from some of the most successful people of our time. I would sit in my local cafe, read a few pages, reflect and keep on reading. Some days I would only ready two pages. The advice was so good I would land on a quote and think about it all day.

Here are my favorites.

“Acts of bravery don’t always take place on the battlefields. They can take place in your heart.” -Anna Quindlen, Bestselling Author

“Keep trying doors; one will eventually open…Fearlessness is not the absence of fear. It’s the mastery of fear.” Arianna Huffington, Bestselling Author

“…resolve to grow intellectually, morally, technically, and professionally every day through your entire work and family life…ask yourself every day, Am I really up to speed? Focus on your weaknesses and on ways to overcome them.” David L. Calhoun, CEO of the Nielsen Company

“If you really believe in yourself and your art, then you have to create your own opportunities. You can’t wait for someone else to do it for you.” Susan Stroman, Broadway Director

“Be patient and persistent. Life is not so much what you accomplish as what you overcome.” Robin Roberts, Broadcaster and Journalist.

“You quit, you fail.” Morgan Freeman, Actor

“Finding your passion will eventually get you to where you’re supposed to be.” Katie Couric, Broadcaster

“We are all frightened by change and by the unfamiliar, but those who remain open – despite their hesitations- can discover new worlds and opportunities.” Vera Wang, Fashion Designer

“How we live our days, or course, is how we live our lives.” Annie Dillard, writer

“Commitment will set your free.” John Gardner

“A boat is always safe in the harbor, but that’s not what boasts are built for.” Producer of the Today Show

“If the world puts you on a road you don’t like, if you look ahead and do not want that destination which is being offered and you look behind and you do not want to return to your place of departure, step off the road. Build yourself a brad new path.” Maya Angelou, Author

“We are often so busy running as fast as we can on the hamster wheel of success, we often don’t take time to appreciate each other, to nurture and ten to our relationships with people we love.” Katie Couric

“When you start getting into the fear business, you blame your problems on other people. But if other people are doing well, it’s not because they’re cheating. It’s because they are working hard.” Fareed Zakaria, Author

“Marry someone who you would want to be, someone who wants to help you be that better version of yourself.” Jay Leno, Comedian

“Society tells us to think about next, next, next so much so that we never really finish what’s in front of us.” Rosario Dawson, Actress

“I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it.” Thomas Jefferson

“If I would have listened to the critics I’d have died drunk in the gutter.” Anton Chekhov
–And so many other inspiring quotes and stories.

A Christmas Gift

Last week my friend’s husband emailed me and reminded me of an interview I did a year ago with him and his wife. He told me he had the money to pay for it and that he wanted to give it to his wife for Christmas. In my opinion, a personal video is the sweetest gift anyone can give.   Its their story of strength, hope and how they overcame the lost of the death of their second child. I pushed myself this week to get it done for him, working after working hours at the office, and even though I’ve grown in style since I filmed this, Im glad it came out nicely for her. I wish I could see the expression on her face when she sees this for the first time.