Photos: Marcie Sweet 16

My little cousin asked me to snap a few photos for her sweet 16 birthday party. When she arrived, she was pretending like she was shy. Maybe it was the dress or make up but it took a while to relax her for the photos. The trick – playing her music off her phone. Towards the end she started having fun. I wanted to capture her natural beauty by getting as close as I could. We started the shoot downtown but moved when cars passing by started to honk. Because she was so nervous we finished the shoot at a local small park.

Happy Birthday Marcie! You’re smart, beautiful and funny. 🙂

My Wish for Her

I ‘ve been meaning to write this post for the past month. The problem is its deep. Where to start? Where to end?

A few weeks ago I was at the car wash. I was sitting outside reading a book waiting. I felt eyes on me, when I discovered who it was, it was a 7-year-old girl. Her mom was on the phone, and her little girl couldn’t get her eyes off me. It was as if she was fascinated I was reading a book. When I looked in to her eyes, I began to wish I could tell her, “You are beautiful and smart. You can do anything you dream of if you work hard, read books and never stop learning!”

I smiled at her and saw two different movies of her life pass before me. One with her knowing her value, and the other believing the lies girls grow up with. Most misunderstand their feminine power, and use their beauty for manipulation. Seeking significance in wrong places.

For thanksgiving, I visited my boyfriend side of the family. He has two young nieces. The moment they saw me they wanted to pull me into their world. The first thing I noticed was they demanded my eye contact. They wanted to look in my eyes and be heard. What a difference from my two nephews who wish I would leave them alone. My boyfriend asked me what I thought about his two nieces. When we were talking about how different girls are from boys, I began to wish I could tell them, “You are beautiful and smart. You can do anything you dream of if you work hard, read books and never stop learning!”

The third time I wished this, was when my friend was telling me a story about this 19-year-old girl who recently broke up with her boyfriend. They told me how hurt she was and the trouble she was getting herself in to. I realized our stories were similar, at age 19, I had forgotten my value too. It was then did I make a decision I would find my worth in the Father.

The moment I turned over my broken mirror to Him, my image was forever changed. Only then did I believe, “I am beautiful and smart. I can do anything I dream of if I work hard, read books and never stop learning!”

My hope is that my wish will be her reality and finds her beauty in the One who created her.