The Wanderer Generation

I’m not sure what it is, maybe its the age group I’m a part of or the times we live in. For some reason it seems my peers are wondering around life with no real direction. I myself am tempted to live this life style of “whatever happens, happens”. I see photos of fellow college mates all over the world snapping shots of themselves in front of landmarks, using up their favors with friends to help them out while they figure it all out, in other words, it seems like they are in search of home.

It is a tempting lifestyle, one in which I tried myself but I knew I had a destiny to get to, work had to be done and the cost of living to pay. Whatever decision I made, I had to make it fast before I burnt bridges.

As I am working toward my goals, I want to stop half way. I tell myself, “This is good enough.” But I know it won’t be good enough in a few weeks when I become restless again. I must admit, I don’t know specifically where I am going, but as I navigate through each hour I try to be intentional with my decisions. To read instead of watch a movie, to create instead of be entertained, to think instead of zone out, to save instead of spend, which I don’t always make the better choice. It’s the little decisions that matter.

What I appreciated from traveling and school was that it required me to think and gave me time to figure it out. Now that I am in the middle of a full time career, I have to make it a priority, to keep on thinking, looking ahead, and setting new goals. If you ever got in the car and drove with no place to go, you’ll realize it gets you no where. It leaves you lost and with an empty gas tank.

Proverbs 22:3-5
Sensible people foresee trouble and hide from it,but gullible people go ahead and suffer the consequence.
The plans of a hard-working person lead to prosperity,but everyone who is always in a hurry ends up in poverty.

The Attitude of Wealth

The images we have when it comes to wealthy people are usually negative, thanks to reality television and movies. Most real life wealthy people think their life style is, “normal”. The overseas’ vacations, the cleaning lady, being able to go to the store and getting whatever they need. It’s those who are poor that notice the difference. They notice the full refrigerator, new furniture, the name brand clothes, and find it strange when no one mentions money when it comes to dreaming for the future. For the wealthy, money is a given, there will always be more money coming.
When I was in Australia, without knowing I gave this illusion I was wealthy. Maybe it was because I was able to afford moving there. Most didn’t know it was God who had blessed me with a college grant and made everything worked out like only a God miracle could. I saw some kids party their days away (yes, even at bible college) but for me I never took a day for granted. Instead of hanging out some nights, I would volunteer as an editor and in return sometimes get paid which helped with some of my bills. I never expressed to my peers of money situations, I was confident God brought me this far, He would provide as I continued to walk in faith -by working and volunteering. When I returned my mom told me she sold tamales to people at my church to help out with the cost of my rent.
Years later, an Australian friends came to visit my home in California. One of the first thing he said was, “Oh, I thought you where rich for some reason.” I laughed but then started to think about that statement. Another friend who visited said, “Wow, now I see what a miracle it was for you to go to Australia, now I understand the challenges you had to overcome.”
I began to think of how I was able to make my friends in to thinking I was rich without even trying. They where right, I didn’t act poor.

Some of my best friends are wealthy. I learned a lot from growing up with them. I learned the importance of education, goals, and being driven. They hated when other kids would call them rich. I guess they saw how hard their father works, and knew wealth required sacrifice. I watched their father give up family time to take care of his business, he never clocks out. I dreamt of being just like him, not having to rush to work and having breakfast with the family. I even worked for him for a short time when I was going to college, and saw how he made executive decisions with such confidence. He is a godly man who loves helping the church by being generous. I saw him notice the potential of others and give them opportunities. Driving to their house reminds me success is attainable. I can love God, help people and be successful without losing my heart.
My father also taught me great lessons of faith, to read books, set time aside to read the bible and help those in need. A family joke is my dad will give his last dollar to a homeless man.
Mixing lessons from both men have create my ability to walk as a wealthy woman who lacks nothing. The art of acting wealthy is to notice the wealth one already has. Most of us been blessed to go to bed not hungry, most of us been blessed with a job that pays the bills, we’ve also been blessed to read and create. I’ve learned not to let the amount money make me feel poor. Learning how to manage my finances from wealthy authors has also helped me make better financial decisions. Its my attitude that will determine my wealth.

The Future You will Thank You

20140606-153740-56260025.jpgDo you have any weird rules you put on yourself?
I have one where I tell myself to read a chapter of a book before I hang out online, watch netflix or play on my ipad. I also put my timer on for 15 minutes to keep me still while reading. I use to have a problem not finishing books, and now I read one in the morning another in the evening. Another rule, I only allow myself to go to Starbucks once a day. I can never visit twice because I can easily make three visits if I’m not careful, spending my weekly lunch budget.
Even since I was a kid, I wanted to break the rules the moment someone gave them to me but when I placed them on myself, I had more self control. I know “Future Monica” will thank me. Living a disciple life doesn’t have to be hard, but the moment you give up on one rule, you will find your self compromising in other areas.
What rules do you put on yourself? What made you create that rule?
I know if we aren’t careful how we conduct our lives, we can become lazy and stop growing. One day, you’ll be thankful you never gave up on your dreams and future you will thank you.

Self Help Junkie


I’m on the verge of becoming a self help junkie. But fear not. I promised myself the next book I read will either be about production or a biography.
During the Christmas holidays I found myself lazy, fat and exhausted from the previous months of work, life and goals setting. I came across this book, You are a Badass by Jen Sincero. Such a shocking title for this little Christian girl, but this slap to the face title caught my attention.
This is one of those books that I’m not sure if I should share, because it can be a little new-agey, but Jen Sincero shared some amazing concepts on moving pass self doubt and walking in faith. I enjoyed the challandge of finding scriptures to go along with some principles. This book taught me how to put faith into action, and not just saying, “God is in control” but to see that God wants me to playing a role in creating my destiny, seeing things hope for, the evidences of things not see. (Heb 11:1)

Every chapter help me realize my thoughts where effecting my reality and letting go of false beliefs. Things I grew up believing that weren’t true, where still haunting me, I can never live in a house like that. I saw myself still as a child, I’m just a little Mexican girl, was effecting my work and confidence. The chapter on meditation reminded me of the scriptures,

May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, O Lord, my rock and my Redeemer. (Psalms 19:14)

Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is nodal, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable, if anything is excellent or praise worthy think about such things. (Philippians 4:8 4:8)

It also brought to light one of my largest fear, it encouraged me to thank my fears for trying to product me and to speak truth to it and encourage myself.

Be strong and courageous. Do not fear or be in dread of them, for it is the LORD your God who goes with you. He will not leave you or forsake you. (Deuteronomy 31:6)

Quotes – Jen Sincero

Our greatest fears are the greatest waste of time

…it’s much scarier in your mind than it is in reality.

We’ve made fear being a habit.

It touched on making decisions, which for me I would wait things out.

Being so afraid that if they pick one thing, they’ll miss out on another, so they either choose to do nothing or try to do everything, which are both excellent ways to miss out on all of it. They basically decide to never decide because they don’t want to make the wrong decision…

Deciding is freedom. Indecision is torture.

Indecision is one of the most popular tricks for staying stuck within the boundaries of what’s safe and familiar.

I was encouraged to create a vision board, searching for what I really want in life was a bit exciting. As I was putting my board together everything seem possible.

Your beliefs hold the key to your financial success

Most of the time its not a lack of experience that holds us back but rather the lack of determination…

What you choose to focus on becomes your reality.

Yeah.. I’m done self doubting.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. (Philippians 4:13)

Everything you do along your journey contributes to where you’re going.  Jen Sincero

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The Art of No

No one likes to hear the word no. For most babies nodding their heads no is the first sign of communication. We were born to say no, than why do we keep saying yes to everything? Why do we allow fancy advertising, popular opinion, and the crowd determine our decisions? We often think the word no is for others but what about when it comes to our self?

I’ve been learning the power of telling myself no. Two of my goals is to pay off my student loans and to eat healthy. This is no easy task. It required sacrifice, self control, and saying that word we hate; No.

No, you can’t eat out everyday. No, you don’t need that shiny new phone. No, you don’t need to watch two hours of Netflix. No, you don’t need to be on every social network out there.

It can go deeper than that. Saying no to fear, worry, failure, negativity, or being disobedient to God. The hard stuff that takes a life time to learn.

I’m just a few weeks into it and I’m already seeing the benefits. Mostly in my character. I am able to practice self-control. Saying no to my every desires has saved me money, calories, forced me to learn how to cook and made me a stronger person.

My goals keep me from giving in. I see myself in a beautiful home with my husband and future kids. I do it for them. I know what I do now as a single 30 year old, will effect who I become tomorrow.

If you haven’t learnt the art of no, try it out. It opens so many doors of saying yes. Yes to success, health, financial peace, and more than we can imagined. I have accept the challenge of growing up.

Is there anything in your life you should saying no to?

Art influences, changes and can create a new world. Learning to say no will help me learn when to say yes.

Like taking a day out to visit an art museum.

Book: Rich Habits

Every morning I listen to the Dave Ramsey channel on iheart radio. I find it helps me focus on one of my major goals to become debt-free. Dave mentioned a book called Rich Habits by Thomas C. Corley. Right away I ordered the book. I began to wonder what type of habits successful people have.

When the book came in the mail I was surprised at how thin it was. The author shared some stories of unsuccessful people who had some small bad habits. Each character was blind to what was causing them to fail in every area of their life.  The final chapters reveled the secrets of successful habits.

“I will form good daily habits and follow these good daily habits everyday.”

At first I thought I didn’t have any bad habits, I don’t smoke, I’m trying to control the way I spend my money but when I wrote down my daily routine, I began to notice my bad habits. I then saw how they were affecting my attitude about my future. I didn’t realize I was spending too much time on social media, emails, listening to the negativity of the news, not returning messages or phone calls, ditching friend’s parties, eating bad…etc…etc. haha..

I learned from the book to set goals every day, every week, every month, and long-term goals. Breaking down long term goals to a day, makes them achievable. Successful people build themselves up so they can have more opportunities.

I noticed some personality bad habits in myself and how I treat others. I tend to interrupt, walk away when they’re still talking, traits I had since childhood but now I can see these bad habit, and now I can do something about it.

Successful people are mindful of what they do and how they treat others. They invest in relationships and take the time to build them up.

“I will control my thoughts and emotion each and every day.”

Controlling our thoughts and emotions play a big role on how we think and feel. Its easy to allow our thinking and feelings to guide us but sometimes they can lead us the wrong way.  Encouraging yourself can make all the differences in the future.

What a difference life is when you make it a point to create good habits. I find myself getting more done, eating better, working out more, living peaceful with others, and having hope everyday that what I am doing will pay off in the days ahead.

It’s such a good feeling to set goals and see them get completed.


What are some bad habits that are holding you back?

The Year to Overcome

I recently read another’s blog post about how successful their 2012 was and their new goals. As I was reading it, it made me feel bad about myself because my 2012 achievements weren’t as large. It made me wondered if my posts ever made anyone feel bad about themselves. I don’t want to come across as if I have it all together. To tell you the truth, I don’t know what I’m doing, I just know I have to do something and keep on doing it.

This year, I want to be transparent in my journey with you.

This post was going to be about my goal’s for this year but as I typed them, I didn’t like how it was sounding. Maybe because my 2013 goals seem as big as giants. But what I do know, is if I work towards them, they will one day become a reality.

My challenge for you this year is to set goals for yourself, store them in your heart and pursue them.

This year I want to challenging myself more. I want to listen closely to the generations before me. I want to notice the beauty of life in the mist of a busy life. I want to grow. I want to grow so much that the world in which I live can’t help but be effected.


May we all overcome our giants this year.

September is mine

August was a busy month for me. To be honest, my creativity and inspiration was consumed by so many different projects, none of them being my own. This was good but then it wasn’t. Though I was completing projects for others, I myself could no longer afford me.

Until now. Since I worked all of August, I financially can hire myself.

There are a different few projects I am working on this month.

The first one, I was inspired to jump in to children photography. I was out shopping with my sister in Baby Gap and was taken by the photos on the walls. The kids were just so darn cute! I told my sister, “I would love to do children photography, that would be awesome.” I then remembered some wisdom I learned from, Robert Rodriguez.  -If you wanna be a filmmaker, then do it. That night, I posted up a status telling my 500 friends, “Free portraits for kids 2-5, book now.”

I have around five photo shoots booked, yes, for free. I am hiring out myself.

Second project, is to get my portraits done. I wish I could take them myself. I asked a few friends but I decided to do it myself. How you might ask, well.. I will post a blog telling you all about this.

This month of September. A month to stop saying “One Day”.

Testing out 16-35mm on David


‪i cant tell you cause I have to let time tell me what it needs to tell me‬
I cant be all implosive
And if life doesn’t react to my movement then I have to move towards a new direction
and see where my place is
my place in life.
‪the year 2011 I am going to make decisions‬
I am no longer going to put them off
I am going to voice my voice
and do what Ive been running from
its time to move.
and do
no more wasting time