What is God’s dream for me?

Sometimes I forget that I once had a specific dream, how hard it was to keep it alive and make it happen. The past few days, I’ve heard people tell me they want to do their dream job. I even asked one woman what her dream was, and she said, “I don’t know.” I guessContinue reading “What is God’s dream for me?”

Blog: Now Boarding

The more I think about the past six months, the honest the answers become to my questions. February I left my job to pursue editing in the industry and to move to Canada. It appears the reason I left wasn’t about my career, my goals, or anyone else but it was about getting on theContinue reading “Blog: Now Boarding”

Blog: The Director’s Cut

The director’s cut is when the editor creates a specialized version that represent the director’s own approved edit. This sometimes means having more scenes with more information about the characters and can ultimately have a different ending. The past few weeks I’ve been living the Director’s cut. Which isn’t bad, just not what I pictured.Continue reading “Blog: The Director’s Cut”

Audio: Coffee with the Briano Sisters

Today I called for an emergency meeting with my sister. A few years ago, we would meet up once a week and have a bible study at a coffee shop. Since then my older sister started law school, my middle sister had two kids, and I became obsess with work. Siting there sharing coffee (weContinue reading “Audio: Coffee with the Briano Sisters”

Video Editing with FCPX & God

My twitter friend from Australia shared a video with me about the new updated editing software FCPX. As I watched the demo and listened to this editor explain the new software, I became excited at the new program and was no longer concern with what everyone else was saying about it. I was now formingContinue reading “Video Editing with FCPX & God”

The story behind the pierced nose

When I was 18 I faced a very dark time in my life that changed who I was and made me who I am now. I grew up in a loving home and had a beautiful childhood. I had never faced real pain in my life. Then I experienced heart-break from a boyfriend, who inContinue reading “The story behind the pierced nose”

Short Film: The Prodigal Father

Reality is, the past few generations have grown up with out a father. My mother’s father was a drunk and his father disowned him. My dad on the other hand, has been there from the moment I came into earth.  Most of my childhood photos he is holding me in this arms. My dad hasContinue reading “Short Film: The Prodigal Father”

Spring Makes Me Think of You

The birds are singing, The sun is shining, but I can’t help but notice you are not here. The flowers are blooming, the butterflies are leaving their cocoons, watching life pass by makes me miss you. My darling friend, where in the world are you? Even though time has passed I wonder if you noticeContinue reading “Spring Makes Me Think of You”