The Speed of Change

Its so interesting when you notice change. Most of the times things seem to stay at a moderate pace. When we are in the mist of life, a part of us expects things to always remain the same; the good and the bad. The friends that surround us, family, pop culture, even the strangers that walkContinue reading “The Speed of Change”

Its Cool to be a Nerd

Growing up in the late eights I remember movies that displayed nerds with glasses, suspenders, and only a little good looking. The mainstream nerd has changed since then. Today, they are honored like geniuses. Now is the best time to be nerd. Last month when I was in search for a new book, I cameContinue reading “Its Cool to be a Nerd”

My Last Day at The Rock

I had no idea what I was stepping in to. I applied for the job only because I had no where else to go. I questioned God often, “Why am I back here in San Bernardino? There is nothing good here!” I saw it as a place of broken dreams. He soon began to openContinue reading “My Last Day at The Rock”

Audio: Advice to a New Editor

<<back to tutorial Archives Duration 20 minutes (Audio doesn’t work on mobiles) Audio Notes: After Effects – Motion Graphics & Effects – Free Basic Training Final Cut Pro – Video Editing software – Paid Basic Training Ask yourself: What is your goal? Learning software and try out what you want to do. Be honest withContinue reading “Audio: Advice to a New Editor”

Audio: Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time I didn’t take photos. I didn’t even edit videos. What did I do with my creativity? -I miss understood it, I miss understood myself. An old friend commented on my wedding post on facebook and said, “Too bad you didn’t take photos when I got married..” It got me thinking, “Wow,Continue reading “Audio: Once Upon a Time”

An Interview with Monica by Karina

My friend Karina asked if she could interview me for a school paper. The assignment was to write about someone or something creative. She said she thought of me right away. I was honored and yet nerves. I’ve been friends with Karina since middle school. She has witnessed me as a sky awkward girl becomeContinue reading “An Interview with Monica by Karina”


I think it’s pretty interesting how fast time goes by. We usually don’t notice how fast the earth is spinning until something causes us to stop. Monday I saw the worst car accident. It reminded me how fragile life is. When we drove by the accident, I saw two people on the floor. I sawContinue reading “Seasons”