The Art of No

No one likes to hear the word no. For most babies nodding their heads no is the first sign of communication. We were born to say no, than why do we keep saying yes to everything? Why do we allow fancy advertising, popular opinion, and the crowd determine our decisions? We often think the word no is for others but what about when it comes to our self?

I’ve been learning the power of telling myself no. Two of my goals is to pay off my student loans and to eat healthy. This is no easy task. It required sacrifice, self control, and saying that word we hate; No.

No, you can’t eat out everyday. No, you don’t need that shiny new phone. No, you don’t need to watch two hours of Netflix. No, you don’t need to be on every social network out there.

It can go deeper than that. Saying no to fear, worry, failure, negativity, or being disobedient to God. The hard stuff that takes a life time to learn.

I’m just a few weeks into it and I’m already seeing the benefits. Mostly in my character. I am able to practice self-control. Saying no to my every desires has saved me money, calories, forced me to learn how to cook and made me a stronger person.

My goals keep me from giving in. I see myself in a beautiful home with my husband and future kids. I do it for them. I know what I do now as a single 30 year old, will effect who I become tomorrow.

If you haven’t learnt the art of no, try it out. It opens so many doors of saying yes. Yes to success, health, financial peace, and more than we can imagined. I have accept the challenge of growing up.

Is there anything in your life you should saying no to?

Art influences, changes and can create a new world. Learning to say no will help me learn when to say yes.

Like taking a day out to visit an art museum.