Timeline: American Highlights

This has probably been the largest project I’ve worked on so far. It took me two days to research, two days to find the footage, two days to put the footage together and three days to animate and 8 hours to RENDER.


I was impacted by each major event that I had research. I always saw these events in movies or talked about by parents but watching them for the first time was like watching breaking news. I often said, “I can’t believe this really happened.”

I discovered that each generation is not alone, what they do dramatically affects the next. The movements the youth create play a big roll in society.  Also, each generation has a battle they must fight.

Watching the video on opening night of Women Rock Conference with a room full of 3,000 women was so rewarding. After the video was done playing,  I really felt we all went back in time to the 1940’s. The video set the conference off.