Season of Grace

Last night I was thinking about my time living in Australia. I remembered the feeling of missing my family and how far they felt from me. There were a few weeks I was living with a friend on her farm. I remember laying in her room looking at her walls wondering, “How did I get here?”

When I think back on those days, I can’t imagine living far from my life again. How did I do it then? I was younger, had less money, had no job or car.. then I heard, “It was grace.”

That was sure a season of Grace. Now looking back I see what a miracle every moment was. I look at life now, the responsibilities I have at work, the task of managing others, having people refer to me as, “boss”. If I could live in Australia all alone, I can do this task I’ve been given. God will once again give me that grace.

I often like to remember my time in Sydney. It reminds me of what GOD can do and will do! Let me break it down to you, I’m from a culture where everyone is just making their bills, no one really travels. I was just graduating college and had this CRAZY dream! “I want to go to bible college in Australia.” My mom didn’t realize where Australia was until I was already gone. Her co-worker had to show her on the map.

Oh it seemed so impossible but the more I read my bible the MORE possible it was. When I graduated, I was GIVEN $10,000. Can you believe that? Well I bought my ticket, paid for my housing, my tuition paid in full.. and I lived, breathed, and thank God everyday for the blue Sydney sky that was above me. I will never forget it. It was a miracle.

Sometimes we have to remind ourselves of the battles that we won though God in the past. And remember that we didn’t do it alone. Every season there is grace available, we just have to grab on to it.
Whatever it is, what ever it may be, it will always be possible to those who believe.

Blog: You Are More Than You Think

When I was in Australia for college, teachers from all over the world would come to do seminars. Most of the time I was day dreaming but once in a while they would share a story that would capture my attention.

One speaker told us about two bricklayers. One was asked what he did for a living, he answered, “I lay bricks down.” When the other was asked the same question he answered, “I build cathedrals.”

All through out college in Australia I was told, “Go after your dreams! Change the world.” When I returned home it seemed like all my college mates were doing just that except for me. For years I felt like I was, “just laying down bricks.”

I follow so many amazing people on twitter, sometimes it makes what I am doing seem small.

I started off in the graphics department at The Rock Church updating their bulletin. A year later, I was asked to help out in the video department for some of their conference videos and was soon promoted to be a video editor. Everyday I was learning and growing but I didn’t feel like I was, “changing the world.”

And that’s when I went on a journey.

During this time I discovered my dream is whatever God dreams of. His plan is better than what I can think of. Second is, I’m not just a video editor but I am a voice. I realized all the work I do behind the scenes, has great purpose.

My vision for myself 10 years ago was to create junk mail. God’s vision for me was to lead a media team of an amazing church. I am now the Tina Fey at my job.

We look at our self and only see our ability but when we look to God, we see His, which has no limits.

This song has a great line that spoke to me.

“I wanted fame cause I thought fame would prove to me that I was great. It never came, I was a failure to myself, its the weight of the world that swallow you alive…Spirit First.”

Now, I know I am building cathedrals.

Camera girl for Hillsong United

Ever since I graduated college from Hillsong in 2005 I’ve gotten the opportunity to do cameras when the team comes to Los Angeles. Last night the youth worship band, Hillsong United sold out the Staples Center.

It was exciting to work with some of the most creative bunch of people I know again. During one of the songs, the director asked me to fix my framing according to the middle screen, when I looked to fix it, my mind got confused as their was a duplicate on the left of the screen with the image upside down. It was a funny moment that made me say, “Oh yes, it’s United.”

Something that worship leader Joel Houston said is that it’s not about the lights and stage but about Jesus, the one who paid the cost for our sins. As a person who loves God and production this is something I tell myself often. I have to remind myself of the Cause.  He also said how they were once a small worship band for their youth group in a little suburb in Australia and here they are in Los Angeles at the Staple Center with a sold out concert worshiping God with thousands of people.

During one of the song transition, we faded everything to black and at that moment the crowd of 20,000 people started to sing all by themselves the next song, “With Everything”. The sound echoed though the Staple Center. It’s kinda neat to think of all the events that have taken place at the Staples Center but I’m pretty sure nothing out beats that moment.

Congratulations to Hillsong United for a sold out concert at  one of Los Angeles largest venue.

Here is one of their videos on youtube so you see for yourself.

Inspiring Artist/Editors

Nick Khoo

Senior editor at Hillsong Church in Sydney, Australia. He is my mentor and he is very talented. I say he belongs in Los Angeles, but instead he has devoted himself to the vision of the global church.

WillBeRain Artist

I came across this great artist on youtube and since then became great friends with her. She is very talented with great imagery videos and amazing drawings.

Julia Pott

The moment I saw Julia’s artwork I contacted her asking if she would design my first tattoo. She is great to work with and her drawings are amazing. She also has some awesome animation films. I love her style and work!


I have found this young photographer from New Zealand to be inspiring and encouraging. Her work is breath taking, original and creative. She is only 17 but far ahead of her peers. I enjoy her personal work more than her personal shots.

Sean Cannell and Jeff Moors have put together . They gathers resources to bring hope, spark creativity, and empower ministries, churches, and organizations around the world.

The Complete Photographer by Tom Ang

A great book to learn the art of photography. The book gives great insight, ideas, tips, and piratical advice on how to take stunning images.

Encounterfest Video

For  years I dreamt of attending Hillsong College in Australia. I wanted to devote myself to learning leadership skills, biblical principles, and to give my talent to encourage the church. While I was there I was able to create projects that thousands around the world have seen. I enjoy work that has a great purpose and that influences people to go after their dreams, potential and get connected to God.

The Encoutnerfest youth conference was the first time I not only edit projects for a conference, but looked over a team of editors as a producer.

1st Editor/Producer/Graphics