Movie Scene: I am a Kid

I gave my self a week to film, edit and post a completed movie scene.  Tomorrow I’ll write about the making of, what I learned, and what this scene means. One thing I will share with you: I have chosen my audience and who I want to delight. I enjoy movies that are honest andContinue reading “Movie Scene: I am a Kid”

Project Movie Scene

I notice my photography gets better every time I do a shoot. Its mainly because I keep on shooting, even when no one hires me out, I still pick up my camera and shot. Why? Because I love it. What I really love is to edit. I want to edit films one day and evenContinue reading “Project Movie Scene”

Adventure in LA

Every LA adventure I have is so different. I always discover something new about the city. Yesterday Anabel and I parked the car and walked around the city. There is this hidden cafe that makes home style breakfast sandwiches. I discovered this place with some friends last summer and since then stop by when IContinue reading “Adventure in LA”

Things I like to do

Shop at thrift stores Take photos with my film camera Go to church Visit small coffee shops in different cities Read self-help books, currently reading, “How to be a Lady.” Buy vintage dresses Walk through antic shops as if they were museums Spring clean my room once a week See movies at small indie theatersContinue reading “Things I like to do”