The World is Waiting

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As creatives we live these busy lives with the pressure to imagine the unimaginable. We are asked to inspire the world even when we ourselves don’t feel inspired. Where to run when everywhere is already filled with a person. Our heart is telling us to change the world but our bank accounts reminds us of our limitations.

The conflict of dreams verses reality. Faith verse what’s seen.

You can sleep and do nothing or you can wake up at 5am when inspiration and courage wakes you up. The whisper echoes inside you, there is something you can do.

I am a child of the 80’s, we grew up with inspirational porters of kids as astronauts with caption like Reach for the Stars. Some of us did, it’s the millennial’s that dreamt of and created thing I remember wishing for. Technology has made it easy for us to produce our ideas faster.

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The stage has been sit up, we can either sit down in the crowd and watch, or we can stand in the spotlight and give our creativity. We can no longer ignore reality because we can see it all, the world is asking for our faith to be put to work. It’s screaming, please do something.

What brings back my inspiration is when I know there is something we can do to make a difference. Its a reminder our existence matters.

The world is waiting for us.

Half Way to Somewhere

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Have ever had that lost feeling, where you stop in the mist of a busy day and you wonder where the heck are you going? Yes, I’m going to get my car washed but where am I going in life? This was me a few days ago.

Some call it a midlife crisis but because I plan to live longer than 62, I’ll call it a deep day. The days where thoughts seem to have a life of its own and it seems like nothing makes sense. Once I started to ask my self questions like, “What is your target? What are your goals? Are you doing all you can do for humanity?” I start to feel guilty that I could be doing more. The more I thought about it, the more I began to downplay my life purpose.

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I heard this podcast about thoughts, psychiatrists say thoughts can play like a slideshow, you can let them pass or start to ponder on them – some being thoughts that just aren’t true. You are taking your thoughts way to seriously, they say.

Another book I am reading about thoughts say it’s the devils fault. I’m sure that can be true with serious negative thoughts of harm but what about my unsure thoughts, what are they trying to tell me.

I knew I needed space from my mind, but how does one escape from one’s self?

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The next day a friend invited me for a hike. This was the perfect opportunity to clear my head. We did the hike and after breaking a sweat and losing my breath I made it to the top. I asked my friend to snap a photo of me looking at the mountains. When I looked at it, life suddenly became clear. I didn’t see a girl who was worried about the future and how everything will work out, in fact I saw a girl looking towards the future of possibilities. It was as if I was seeing what God was seeing.

We often start off strong, but during the journey, we doubt and wonder if we are going the right way, if we choose the right path. During the hike I had to keep asking, how much longer, my friend would say, “It’s just around the riverbed.” Which I knew was from Pocahontas – but it worked.

I am 31 and in the middle of wherever I am going, the half way point, yes things aren’t clear, still a lot of unanswered questions, but I know God has called me to be faithful where I am at, and endure to the end – the end of whatever, season, journey, life. haha. I can’t figure it all out, but what I can do is be prepared for what’s ups ahead.

Here is a classic life lesson. I got lost while driving, and turned one street early. We often do that, just when we are almost there, we panic and make a move too fast.

I’ve read many blogs, and most of them hold the answers, the keys to success. Here are the keys I learned last weekend – endure. keep hope. anything is possible.

My target is God . Where He takes me, I have no idea. Ohhh. this is Faith. It’s time I expand my faith. That’s the goal.

Here is a great podcast to listen to. Limitless Pt 1 

The View from Up Top

Last weekend, Gus and I took a drive to the mountains. When we stop for a rest, we were able to see our city. Suddenly the world looked so peaceful. I joked and said, “So this is God’s point of view huh.” As I said that I was reminded He is not far but living with me, experiencing everything I am.

“I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

“I lift up my eyes to the mountains- where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.” Psalms 121:1

Audio: The Starlight in his eye

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He worked at an okay job for most his adult life. His passion laid far in the distance and occasionally could be heard when spoken of the future.

When asked, “How” and “When”, he would answer with, “Hope” and “Soon.”
The years passed with no real opportunities in view. He kept moving forward even when he heard, “Accept your destiny.”

His comfortable job was soon fading away. Without the safety of his daily living he was left with only the hope of his youth.

The original plan was brought to remembrances.

The dream he once thought would never happen was slowly becoming a reality. And only at the cost of everything. His time, heart, money but most of all himself. He had to do away with the negative personality he grew over the years. It was time to become the person who he was created to be. To live with divine purpose.

When the day of opportunity came, he was ready.

Now when he enters in the room, his passion for life lights it up. He is doing what he loves.  When he wakes up for work he thinks,  “I hope to be doing this for the rest of my life.”

Now, you can see the starlight in his eyes.

Based on a True Story

The story behind the pierced nose

When I was 18 I faced a very dark time in my life that changed who I was and made me who I am now. I grew up in a loving home and had a beautiful childhood. I had never faced real pain in my life. Then I experienced heart-break from a boyfriend, who in my eyes then was, “the one”. He deleted me from his life, never to be seen or heard of again. I didn’t know how to handle the emotions I felt. I had just graduated high school, legally became an adult and had no idea who I was.

At that time I began to drawing near to God. I had no one to turn to but Him. He seemed like the only one who would understand what I was going through since He could see inside of me. Everyone else saw my situation as a part of growing up, which was true but at the time it felt like the world was ending. In fact, this was around September 11 so it really looked like the world was ending.

I decided to read the bible. When I got to the story of how Isaac met Rebecca I was inspired by their love story. Abraham, Isaac’s father, had his servant look for a wife for his son. His servant prayed that he would have success on finding a girl who fit Abraham’s specific description. After his prayer he met Rebecca. She was very generous and ready to help the servant with his camels. Long story short, the servant asked her family for her hand in marriage for Issac. He gave her a nose ring and jewelery. Rebecca trusted the Lord and the servant that who ever this Issac was, he was going to be perfect for her. She knew the servant heard from God. Now that is trust.

Rebecca and Isaac fell in love the moment they saw each other. (Gen. 24)

I decided I needed that type of trust with God. I didn’t want to spend me life worrying about who I was to marry. I then asked my parents if I could get my nose pierced. They knew I was going through a rough season but had confidences I knew what I was doing.

My dad took me to this little tattoo place. The guy sat me down, pulled out a big needle and poked the side of my nose. I fainted. When I came back he gave me water. I stood up and looked in the mirror. I now had this diamond on my face. I thought in my head, “God, every time I see this I will remember my trust in you, you will bring the right boy for me.”

Since then I’ve lost my diamond nose stud many times. When I do, it feels like I lost my wedding ring. Somehow my diamond makes its way back to me. Just now, I thought I had lost it for good. It had been a week. Today, when I was doing my bed I saw something on the floor sparkling. It was my diamond.

Though the years have past and I’m still a single girl, I remember the covenant I made with God when I was 18. Since then I’ve seen Him do miracles in my life. He’s taken me to foreign nations, introduced me to important people, brought me amazing friends, and experienced a joyful life. I’ve discovered who I am, what I want in life and put my trust in God. And when I’ve dated someone and it didn’t work out, it was okay because I knew God will work something out in the future.

Today as I put my nose ring back on, I remembered my prayer to God. I’m glad I don’t have to worry. What ever your worry is in life, if you give it to Him, He will return it with peace for years to come.

An Image of Hope

There are certain images I can’t seem to get out of my head. There was this moment years ago when I was jobless and pretty much hopeless. I felt useless and rejected by every job out there. Not only could I not find an editing job but not even the shallow mall jobs would hire me.

I remember one day when I went to the grocery store with my mom. I had nothing else to do and had to get out of the house. As we parked and got off the car I had my head down. As we walked to the door entrance of the store, I saw this little girl. She was about five. Her mom held her by the hand and was pulling her to walk faster. But this little girl had her eyes close and was taking in the sunset. She had the biggest smile on her face. The way the sunlight was hitting her face and the pure hope she had stayed with me. In fact it encouraged me through that season. I had to remember my child like hope and faith. I had to stop my negative thoughts and take in the sunset, to remember who God is and to forget what I am not. God soon opened up a door at The Rock Church for me to be a graphic designer, and a year later moved me in to the video department. Even though I didn’t find an editing job right away, I didn’t give up. I remembered the little girl and the hope she had. I too had to become a child and just trust in God.