A Hospital Visit


A Hospital Visit, originally uploaded by Monica Briano.

My aunt told me on facebook chat that she wasn’t feeling well and to pray her. A week later I hear she is in the hospital. My mom and I went to go and visit her. Its strange how fast life can be. I had memories of when my Aunt Dolly would take care of me as a little girl.

She is my creative aunt. She is a writer, a painter, and a mother of every child she has ever come across. Every cousin of mine has had a childhood memory with her. Actually, everyone who has ever met her has had an adventure with her. She is a lot of fun.

So it was strange to see her laying there, unable to talk to us. But she was able to communicate though her eyes. Her eyes would get big when I would tell her something, she totally wanted to talk. I told her, “The family needs you, you bring us together.”
Get Well Aunt Dolly, we are all praying for your heath to get restored.