Pics: Christmas Tree Farm

The best part of Christmas is preparing for it. Last year I was so busy that I didn’t take the time to enjoy the season. I decided this year to start Christmas early. My family and I went to a tree farm for the first time to get a fresh tree.

It was exciting checking out all the different trees, looking for the perfect one for our house. Well we’re looking at tree a horse started to neigh. We stop and hung out with him for a while.

As we walked around we came across their petting zoo. I was so excited when I saw a pony and the pigs. The atmosphere was so peaceful.

Going to the tree farm early allowed us to get the most beautiful tree on the lot. When they put the tree in the truck and the smell of the pine tree filled the air it reminded me to spend time with my family more. To create new traditions and to create moments.

Here is a short video I created. You’ll get to hear the horse.

Photos: Birth and Young Love

A couple who I recently met asked if I would take some maternity photos.  I was excited to hear that her husband was joining the shoot. This would give me a chance to capture the excitement that a first child brings both parents.

Erica requested that we do an in-studio shoot. Since I don’t have one, I transformed my living room in to one. For a maternity shoot, I found it worked better since it gave the couple privacy.

Sometimes when I take pictures, I image what it would be like to see the photos ten years from now. With that in mind, capturing the passion of their youth was important to me.

I did some editing on this shot which gives it a timeless feel.

I love how pretty she came out on this one.

I was happy to hear she liked my creative take on the maternity photos. I think with every shoot I do, I want to create something new and interesting. Most of all I want whoever is in front of my camera to have an experiences they can enjoy.

Congratulations to Eric and Erica. They are having a boy and naming him Matthew.

Things I like to do

Shop at thrift stores

Take photos with my film camera

Go to church

Visit small coffee shops in different cities

Read self-help books, currently reading, “How to be a Lady.”

Buy vintage dresses

Walk through antic shops as if they were museums

Spring clean my room once a week

See movies at small indie theaters

Listen to older people’s love story.

Live in other countries for more than a year

Make tea for friends

Ride my bike

Play with my nephews

Fly my kite in different places in the world

Write in my journal

Write blogs

Text Veronica randomly

Day dream

Drive with the music loud and windows down

Give homeless people all my change just to see their smile

Record life and make it in to a video

Analogize movies and tv shows

Skype chat but not video chat

Conversations about God to anyone who is willing to add their input

Make strangers laugh

I like when people call me weird, not normal, unique, different, odd, intriguing, mysterious, and charismatic.

Write letters and send them in the mail

Listen to Explosions in the Sky, Sigur Ros, KEXP Song of the day, movie sound tracks

Hanging out in record stories

Get to work earlier than everyone else

Clean my hard drive

Listen to the Daily Audio Bible Podcast

People watch

Make cd-mixes for my music lover friends

Create sound tracks for season of my life

Color my hair

Go out to breakfast with my parents

Buy sweaters and jackets

Watching Felicity, Wonder Years, My so-Called life, Save by the Bell over and over again.

What do you like to do?

Work Anniversary

Today is my official four-year anniversary working at The Rock Church. I text my friend the good news and she congratulated me for sticking around and committing myself to a job for that long.

When I was out in LA a few weeks ago a few people asked me what I did for a living. When I said “I’m a video editor at my church” they would give me a blank look, having no idea what a “church editor” does. Many asked, “Why does a church need a full-time video editor?”

Well The Rock Church has 23,000 members. We live in a world where communication is visual. I communicate whats going on through video announcements (mini commercials), communicate the vision of the church through special spot light videos (mini-documentaries), communicate what God is speaking to the hearts of the pastors (short films). I report the stories of what God has done in people’s lives at The Rock, visually (the news).

I just don’t sit at a computer and edit but I also come up with concepts, go out and film, direct, coordinate, etc etc etc. Thank goodness I have Beth who also edits with me. Together we produce some of the most random, funny, deep and inspiring videos San Bernardino has ever seen.

Each week our videos are seen by 13,000 people. Sometimes on holidays or large events I get a opportunity to share what is on my heart. The cool thing about The Rock is they give me so much creative freedom. They trust me. I am a little girl back stage creating videos and they allow me to speak in to lives of thousands each week.

When I returned home in 2007, I kept asking God, “Why did you bring me back!!”  Four years later, I now know why. The Rock Church has the most amazing heart for God and people. It’s a church that cares for people and has integrity.What I’ve learned here I couldn’t have learned anywhere else.

Here is a video I created for Easter about The Rock Church and World Outreach Center. We are a church full of real people with real lives who want to know God.

I am thankful and honored to be apart of The Rock. Happy Anniversary to me.

The Best Yet

The creative meetings for Easter started in March at church. As I looked for video examples to show the worship pastor I came across this beautiful credit intro on vimeo. It was modern and the style of music would be different for an Easter video. I showed it to the creative meeting and waited for their responds. After the video played I added, “Lets tell what happened at the Cross in a poetry spoken word form with abstract images displaying God’s powerful nature.” The creative team and pastor gave me thumbs up to try it.

Beth, who also edits with me arranged a guy from church to re-create the music and Erica, who is a song writer, to write a poem. When I finally got to creating the video, I sat at my desk not knowing how I was going to make this video. After Effects can be complex and I knew it was going to take some focus and time. Each 4 seconds was taking me 4 hours to create. I prayed and asked God for help.

When the video was complete, I showed the worship pastor and he was a little unsure how it was going to fit in. There was a chance it wasn’t going to get played. The day before Easter weekend it was time for the head pastor of The Rock, Pastor Jim to watch it. We set up the main auditorium so he could get the full effect. After it played I walked in the auditorium and sat down.

Pastor Jim looked at me and said, “I went a pastors conferences and someone had written a letter to that pastor saying they were going to leave the church because of the music and they said ‘God is not in that type of music’, the letter was written in the 1800’s about Amazing Grace. I was hoping we would have something alternative, lets play it.” I went back to my desk thinking about what my pastor told me.

I am part of an amazing generation. It’s true what God spoke to my heart when I was 18 years old, “you were born for such a time as this.”(Esther 4:14). I love how the church is embracing creativity and using it to bring God’s glory to a new generation. I know  God has given me a gift and I’m so glad the church allows me to use it to play a role in reaching lives.

Spanish Version Here

Photo Shoot: Annie

Some friends and I got together to do a fashion shoot. I totally enjoy working with others and having them do what they do best. My friend Desiree Carrillo did the make up, Veronica A. Hernandez was the hairstylist, wardrobe Bianca Jimenez and I did the photography. Together we made our model, Annie look stunning.

Here are some of my favorite. You can see more on flickr by clicking one of the photos. I totally love the verity of looks Annie had. It gave me room to try out different styles.

And the end Annie came out stunning.