Podcast Guest on The Way We Tell

I met filmmaker, Jesse Koepke on twitter a few years ago. Since then we’ve kept in touch talking about our faith, storytelling,  videos, and encouraging each other about working in post as editors. He recently asked if I’d like to be a guest on his new podcast The Way We Tell, a podcast about storytelling.Continue reading “Podcast Guest on The Way We Tell”

7 Questions with Filmmaker Glenn Stewart

I met Glenn back in 2005 when I lived in Australia. I remember hearing rumors about a kid who was amazing at editing and animating in After Effects. When I first met him, he would have nothing to do with a lowly college student like my self, 🙂 but he soon warmed up to meContinue reading “7 Questions with Filmmaker Glenn Stewart”

Audio Interview with a Cinematographer

One of the cool things about twitter is when I get to meet someone I follow in person. I asked Cinematographer Julia Swain if she would like to meet up for an interview. I was excited when she was more than willing. We had a cup of coffee and talked about what we are passionateContinue reading “Audio Interview with a Cinematographer”

A Video Critique

The best part of having a blog is meeting people. I love getting email from dreamers, editors, visionaries and artist. Mandy emailed me with a few questions about editing. The cool thing is that she took my advice and reworked her video. Her second version looked like a whole different event. After watching her firstContinue reading “A Video Critique”

Audio: Thoughts Behind the Music

I asked my cousin Isaiah to do an interview with me. I wasn’t sure what we were going to talk about but I knew it was going to be something interesting. To my surprise we ended up talking about music. So many times we hear of success stories from the finish line, but what aboutContinue reading “Audio: Thoughts Behind the Music”

Audio: Interview with Seanloui (A Busy Creative)

Seanloui is always up to something creative. He loves helping others and is full of ideas. I recently went to Long Beach for a visit and had the opportunity to interview him. Here is our conversation. He had some great advice about dreaming and doing. Hope you enjoy our talk. Audio:

Seven questions with an Independent Film Maker

Nick Khoo was born in New Zealand and raised in Australia. I met him when I was an editor in Sydney. Even though he was my mentor, Nick became one of my best friends. Nick is a very talent motion graphic artist and video editor. His first film, The Shot Down recently premiered in aContinue reading “Seven questions with an Independent Film Maker”

Seven Questions with a Fashion Photographer

How amazing is Twitter, that I can have direct contact with some very talented people. I recently started to communicate back and forth with a fashion photographer in New York about his work. I randomly asked him if he would be interested in answer a few questions about being a pro. To my surprise, heContinue reading “Seven Questions with a Fashion Photographer”

An Interview with Monica by Karina

My friend Karina asked if she could interview me for a school paper. The assignment was to write about someone or something creative. She said she thought of me right away. I was honored and yet nerves. I’ve been friends with Karina since middle school. She has witnessed me as a sky awkward girl becomeContinue reading “An Interview with Monica by Karina”

The Vague Interview

How do you know something is dead? When there is no longer any breath. Do you remember the beginning? The beginning was the best part. What was the worst? The ending. It meant the story was over, nothing more to be told. Your favorite part? The memories. Life has a funny way of making lifeContinue reading “The Vague Interview”