Baby Jacob

Some time ago I took some photos of my nephew wearing the clothes I bought him in London. For the longest time I thought I had lost the files. I had only printed one picture and hung it on my mirror, looking at it everyday wondering “what did I do with the files?”. Today while doing some cleaning I found the cd. Hurry!

A New Model is Born

As you have noticed, I’ve been M.I.A (missing in action) from my blog. No I haven’t lost the passion to create but my PC computer decided to get very slow on me. But never fear, I bear good news, I bought a Mac Book Pro! This Sunday, I will be able to get to work on all 10 photo shoots and post some new blogs in February. I am excited.

As for today, I edited a few photos of my new model.

My second nephew was born today. I was suppose to go and film the labor and birth but my sister had it while I was at work making a video. I was able to get a few photo of him on his first day of life.

Having a photographer in the family is indeed a real benefit. 🙂

Welcome to the world Jacob, we’ve been waiting for you.