Last Kid on the Block

Today while I was riding my bike around the neighborhood I noticed there were no more kids around. Virginia Street was empty with not a young person in sight. I saw a few neighbors come out, now with white hair and walking around their yard.

I rode up the street and looked back. I pictured all the kids that used to live on my street. Most of them are now married with kids, some ended up in jail, another got pregnant at an early age and gave her son up for adoption, others just disappeared, and now I was officially the last kid on the block.

The ice cream man from my childhood still comes by my street hoping to still find that big group of kids running up to his truck to buy some candy. Every time I see him I wave. He doesn’t know my name and I don’t know his but he’s like a ghost from my past that comes by every so often. I think about how he spent his life being an ice cream man to support his family.

Life changes so fast we don’t even notice its moving. Virginia Street is home to me and next year there will officially be no more kids left on this street.

Listen while you read…

Mr. Kite travels the World

She places her purse on top of  her suitcase and sticks her red kite in the front pocket. The 27 year old girl gets in to line to check in. As she stands there she wonders what the wind will be like across the earth. “Is that a kite?” an older man ask her. She smiles and says, “Yes, I fly it around the world.”

“Hi, I’m Monica, where are you from?” The tattoo guy smiled back at her and said, “Puerto Rico.” She imagined blue skies, palm tress and beautiful sun sets. “Wow, one day I’ll go visit you and fly a kite.” He looked at her strangely not knowing if she were serious. “Sure”, he said with a big smile.

Puerto Rico, 2009

Bondi Beach, Australia 2009

A white car drove up with her two house mates and guy friend packed ready to take her to the airport. The young girl knew it was time for her to go, although her heart was torn in to pieces. She hugged her friend good bye and told him, “I’ll be back soon.” He gave her a half smile and sent her off. She got inside the car and said hello to everyone. Each person inside the car had become such great friends. Inside, there was silent. What was there to say to each other, all of them had been though so much that year and a half. Her good friend Annette turn on her Michael Buble Cd, “I’m coming back home.” At this point in Monica’s life, she didn’t’ know where home was anymore. “Ill come back and visit, I love Australia.”

“Everything looks blurry” Angelene said with the vintage camera up to her face. “Do you wear glasses?” Monica asked.

“Yes.” They both laughed as Angelene went to put her glasses on. “Now its better,” she said.

Auckland, New Zealand 2009

“So, I’m coming down for a visit, will you hang out with me?” she asked her Australian friend. “I finally have some money, maybe I’ll go to New Zealand and fly Mr. Kite, that would be so cool.” She went on facebook to track down her New Zealand friend that she met in college. She read some of his post and got very excited, as he was returning home around the same time. She messaged him and asked if he was going to be in town. “Wow, I’ll get to visit your family and see what the real Sam is like.”

(Special guest: Sam)

San Francisco, Ca 2010

“Hey, wanna go to San Francisco this three day weekend?” She asked her co-worker.  “Sure, drive?” Christina asked as she checked her twitter on her phone. The question had to be answered fast before her co-worker was discouraged with this obstacle, “Mmm, Let me ask James, he has a good traveling car!”

Central Park, NY 2010

“Lets go to New York.” Anabel declared to the world!

It’s easier to believe that Mr. Kite can fly anywhere in the world than it is for me to believe in one of my dreams. I often think of the money that would be required…but not Mr. Kite. He just worries about the wind.

Its all about baby steps.. if you keep on working towards the goal, one day, you will get there.

Mr. Kite is a great witness to that truth.


Australian & New Zealand travels

A dream of mine for years was to go to Bible College in Texas.  After things didn’t work out because of finances I went to design school and studied video editing and graphic design.  Even in the midst of my new-found passion as an artist, I still never forgot my desire to go to Bible College.

After much exposure to some of Hillsong United DVD’s that documented a youth movement in Sydney, Australia, I began to do research. Turns out it was not only an amazing church but a Bible College that offered a course in TV and Media.  It was the perfect place for me.

There I met some amazing people and had some great opportunities. I volunteered for their large conferences as a camera person and assistant. The moment they found out I had some background in video editing and design I was asked to be apart of the youth video team.  There I became a faithful volunteer and later was asked to do some paid jobs for albums and weekly church services. This is my demo reel of the work I did. Things were making sense as to why God had me wait things out and go to school first.  My passion + my faith and love for Him was going to come together for my = destiny.

Almost 3 years later since I called New South Whales home, my life has changed and I have grown dramatically as a person.  I recently went back for a visit. Here is a video I edited together of some of the fun moments I had with my Australian and New Zealand Friends.

In New Zealand, it felt like time stopped. I no longer could hear the clock ticking. We came across the most amazing greenhouse at one of the museum.

When we were out getting lunch I found a little book store which had the most unique books I ever came across. If I was alone I would have spent a few hours in this used book store. Looking through all the rows of books I found a book of poems that caught my attention, I knew this would be perfect for my collection.

The best part of going back and visiting friends was seeing how much they changed and grew. I was also able to see how far I came along, and how much this place was no longer home for me.

On the last day I went to the Harbor and said good bye to the beautiful city, I knew I wouldn’t see it again for a very long time.