VBlog: Live Healthy

The best place to get advice about a subject is from someone who is living the life style. Christina is a friend of mine from church, her Facebook post have been so motivating to me, I asked her to do a video about health. “Teach me how to live healthy, I have no idea where to start!”

I know if I have this request, others may too. Here is a 10-mintue video on the basics.

@:12- The Start
@:32- Shopping Smarter
@1:11- Breakfast
@2:10- Set goals
@2:28- Working Out
@3:22- Equipment
@5:21- Eating Out
@6:12- Grocery Shopping
@8:30- Resources

Bio: Christina is a stay-a-home mom who is passionate about living healthy.

Credits: Music by Ratatat