Finding the right camera for you

Trying to figure out the right camera to buy can be challenging. The endless research can be overwhelming. So I offer you my love story with my cameras.

The first question I’d ask you is why do you want a camera? Once you share your passion and excitement then’ll I’ll crush it by asking how much money do you have to buy it?

The point is to get the soul purpose of your desire. You might be selling yourself short if you answer about your budget first. I saved up for my DSLR for 6 months and paid for it cash. I had learn having debt for equipment can be dangerous, you can get too excited and waste money on gear you don’t need. 

Why do you want a camera? I wanna have fun taking photos – Any camera can do.

Find any camera and play with its effects. Look at thrift stores or eBay. I recommend an old film camera, you’ll fall in love with photography!

I think the most fun I had with a camera was my Diana 35mm film camera I got at Urban Outfitters. It was first stressful learning how it worked because its suppose to be “easy”, which made things complicated. Once I figured out how to use the camera, I had fun trying out different effects it offered. 

I wanna start learning photography. – Film cameras

You won’t like this answer – I know you wanna run out and buy an expensive camera. I recommend buying a 35mm camera with a detachable lens to teach you the fundamentals. Test the shutter to see if it works before you buy. You will bond with this camera and people will call you strange. Little kids will ask to look behind the camera wondering where their photo is. But you will learn how to frame up, expose, and capture a moment. Every exposer will cost you – $2 for each shot (development and film.) You will feel the mistakes in your wallet but you’ll also learn how to use the camera without a computer thinking for you. The photos you take will surprise you, and show you what kind of photographer you wanna be. Because those will be the picture you take most.

I want a camera to take with me while I travel. -a digital point in shoot

We all have this romantic image in our head of walking down the streets of Italy pointing and shooting our camera capturing people in the market place, beautiful architecture and of course our self in front of landmarks. But the reality is, you will leave your heavy camera in the hotel and settle for your camera phone – this my friend, you will regret. Sure you got 50 likes on FB but the day will come when you want to print the photo and there you will see the truth of how bad camera phone pictures are- they suck. The good news, because of iPhone technology advancing, they are getting better but until then, I recommend a point and shoot that cost more than $200, anything cheaper will have low pixels. I found the Nikon CoolPic 300 produces great photos! I bought it for the manual settings. Although I hardly use it because it takes too much time to set, instead I use the auto settings.

When traveling you are going place to place so fast, you only have time to frame up. Plus this camera is easy for other people to use when you ask a stranger to snap a photo of you. Its very rich in color, wide in frame and great at night.

I want to start filming/shooting professionally. – Canon or Panasonic with audio inputs

If you are starting a photography and video production business or if you are hired to film, the poplar DSLRs is what you are looking for. The quality is great without having to spend so much on a camera. The audio is bad which you’ll need a secondary recorder for that. But if you are getting B-roll type footage or plan on creating wedding montages that don’t need audio, then this camera is best to use. You will have to invest stabilizers but they aren’t too much. You do have the choice of buying a cheaper DSLR for $700 which is great for filming because they have the flip screens or go pro $2000 which would be ideal for photography. Look up tech details to see what best fits for you. I would recommend if you are starting out to start with the cheaper camera until business kicks in. The last thing you want to do is put all your money into something that you later find out you don’t really enjoy or find that the area you live in doesn’t have a market for it. Keep in mind its the LENS that really affects the quality, that is where you will need to invites your money in.

When it comes to filming you’ll want to record audio. Make sure there is an input to plug a mic in.

As you can see, you don’t just have to pick one camera. If you love photography, you’ll love cameras, and each one is different. I go thought many different phase just using one type of camera. When I get bored of my work, I search for a new camera that can spark up some fresh creativity inside me. You don’t have to spend thousand of dollars either, sometimes the right camera ends up finding you.

Photos: Christmas Time

For some reason, our culture treats the word, “Christmas” like its a bad word, covering it with a generic, “Happy Holidays” greeting. I find it strange since they advertise aggressively all of November and December for the day they aren’t even allowed to say. And maybe that’s okay, since they don’t know the meaning of Christmas anyway.

Regardless what one’s feeling is about Christmas, whether you believe in Christ or not, the gift of family and love is freely given to those who open their hearts to it. To forgive, to mend, to welcome and to share a beautiful holiday where we remember the greatest gift of all that was given to humanity. A baby born in Bethlehem. Emmanuel. God with us.

Christmas Day – My Grandpa’s house.

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas!




People have appreciated photography from the day it was born. Video however, well, that’s a different story. You would think by now people would see how powerful video are. But lets face it, video has a bad rep. Home videos are shaky, youtube is full of awful clips that somehow get millions of views, and the common person just doesn’t know how to document life well. When it comes to everyday video, no one would really calls it beautiful. As a video editor and a photographer, I now mesh filming and photography together to create a new generation of what I call, photo-videos.

Over a period of time people might begin to feel disconnected to their photos, it could feel like a life time ago. But with photo-videos, there is something powerful when watching those moments come to life. It’s as if you get to live them again.


I filmed my new-born one week old nephew and took a few photos. The photos came out great but to watch this clip and see how he is learning how to move his hands, not able to control his moment, laying their helpless, in need of care and 24 hours surveillance, is something a photo would have left out. And he lays there in perfect peace, with not a care in the world. When I watch this, I see a miracle of God.



My friend’s best friend’s family came from Scotland to visit California. Their little girl brought everyone so much joy. The photo I took of her shows how adorable she is but the video shows just how much she loves broccoli. Just a small detail in her life that one day her mom will say, “Remember when you used to love broccoli?” Now little Madison can see for herself.


Digital cameras are getting better and better. I recommend to not only snap photos with it, but also take some photo-videos. Ten years from now, you will look back at your footage and wish you would have recorded more. Life moments are so sweet they deserve to look good. So hold your camera steady and share the joy of life with the world.

For Your Very Own Pleasure


There are so many opportunities than any ever before to be creative and make a living out of it. This is the generation that can finally work in the creative field and feed their family too. Its an exciting time but also it can be a dangerous thing for the heart of a creative person. Its so easy to get caught up in make money that you forget the love of photography, video editing, writing, cooking, whatever it may be that you love to do.

May the motivation not be a dollar but for your very own pleasure. You’re worth it and your art is worth it.You will find happiness once again in your work. And if you haven’t gotten to the point of being paid for what you love to do, then may I remind you it is possible and not to give up. The world needs you to do that thing that you are good at.

Enjoy your work, and enjoy life.

David, my nephew, never fails to remind me of this.

VIDS: Capturing Memories

I’ve had my 7D canon camera for about six months now.I bought it having in mind creating some short films, do some photo shoots and use it for work. Well, I haven’t created any short films lately but I have rediscovered the root of my love for video and photography. I always thought graphic design was the root of my discovery to become a video editor but it goes back to when I was a teenager playing with my dads camera. I loved capturing the day on video and then calling everyone over to watch it. I would have “première” parties and display my latest work.

Now with my new camera, I have returned to my first love. I’ve record more of my life, edit some clips and now share them now on youtube or vimeo. I absolutely enjoy this. Though I may never get paid to capture my life moments, no payment is needed.

Here is my latest video from this weekend. Hanging out with Mark, that boy cracks me up. I laugh at the end every time.

I made this one last month to share with my young adults group at church. I loved sharing this one cause so many people were involved.

I am currently working on a few others. The list is getting long.