The Music Eps.

My Music Picks :

M83 Junk, 2016

Tame Impala Currents, 2015

Bon Iver 22, Million, 2016

Local Natives Sunlit Youth, 2016   

Françoise Hardy 1971

2014 Playlist

Certain years because more rememberable due to the music that came out that year. Looking at my digital music library I picked out a few albums that accompany me through the changing seasons.


1. Some of my favorite movies has to do with how good is their soundtrack is (Garden State, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Moonrise Kingdom). After I saw Divergent and enjoyed the story, I downloaded the album. The mix had a lot of familiar favorite artist, making it perfect for summer. 

2. As I am always on search for non-mainstream music, coming across EP’s is my newest fascination. Vancouver’s small collections of songs was just enough to make me fall in love with this new artist.  Winter by band’s full named Vancouver Sleep Clinic. Their angelic sound caused me to go into deep thought about life, love and the future. This became a very personal album that I refused to listen to if anyone else joins me inside the car.


3. Thom Yorke has been my generation’s favorite artist. His newest album Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes can be found on his site for $6 bucks. As I discovered this late in the year, it was the perfect, “sound of the future” I’ve been looking for to welcome 2015.


4. One of my favorite podcast opened up with one of Phantogram’s new song. I did some google research and tracked the album down, “Voices“. This album was perfect to share with other people. Its atmospheric music played on repeat in my car as I hosted overseas’ guest and drove into the city.


5. Sometimes finding a new artist means keeping an open ear during shopping. I stopped in my tracks when I heard Mother & Father by Broods. Something about the honest lyrics caught my attention, plus I totally relate to the song. I discovered their EP was just as enjoyable. This group released two great albums this year.


6. The RELEVANT Collection, Vol. 11 was a free mix download by the Relevant Magazine. Through out the year it’s been my go to music when I’m not sure what I’m in the mood for. I enjoyed it so much I made a CD copy and kept it in my player whenever I was annoyed at the radio or when my iPod was asking me to make too many decisions. I’m old fashion who likes to press CD and something plays.


7. My last recommendation was by good ol’ Damien Rice. Out of no where released an album in titled My Favorite Fade Fantasy. The album plays like a music score. It must be listened to beginning to end to hear what sounds like one full song.


I’d say this year felt like a drought for new music – I don’t keep up with the mainstream but when it comes to finding new artist, I am on the haunt.  It might be I am 31 and no longer in the “cool” group but other then these albums, no one really caught my attention. There where a few single’s I enjoyed like Grizfolk The Struggle (Rac Mix) and some songs from Porter Robinson’s Worlds.  If I missed any new albums that you enjoyed this year – feel free to share!

It’s not to late to enjoy some of 2014 tunes, I’m excited to see what our artist have in store for 2015.

Aging Hipster


There’s this scene at the end of Angus (1995) where the nerd gets his moment to dance with the poplar girl in school. I remember watching it when I was in middle school and falling in love with the song they danced to. The dance was the climax of the movie with the classic speech and clap at the end. Angus tells off the popular bully! Every high schooler day dream!

After watching Angus in middle school, I was left wondering who the artist to the prom song was. It wasn’t until Napster came on the scene did I finally find it was called, Fade Into You by Mazzy Star.

I was a late arrival to Mazzy Star. By the early 2000’s most people were interested in boy bands. Artist that used real instruments like the acoustic guitar, tambourine, organ and harmonica were going out of style. But I didn’t care, she was new to me. Her albums became my personal alone writing in my journal music.

Last month, out of the blue, rumors of Mazzy’s come back was all over twitter. I was surprised so many other people loved her music. I told my boyfriend I know what I want for Christmas – Concert tickets! I knew this was a dream come true. For one, I finally have a boyfriend to go to a concert with!

When we got to the concert, it was like a reunion of late twenty and thirty somethings! Everyone carried evidence they were from the 90’s- Doc Martin shoes, plaid, leather biker jackets, jean jackets, long hair. I realized I’m apart of the aging hipsters. I saw a post from a kid on Instagram, “Waiting for my parents to get back from their concert.”

The acoustics of every instrument including her voice sound amazing. At one point I stood in the hallway because it reminded me the sound of prom.

Aging can sometimes be hard. We’re told younger is better, immaturity is fun, and you have all the time in the world to figure it out. But being thirty is not as bad as I thought. In fact, it’s pretty awesome. All the hard decisions from my twenties are paying off. The new challenge is to keep focus and diligent towards the goal.

I was motivated by my fellow Mazzy Star fans, to stay confident in being strange, and embrace the different stages of life. Though mostly everyone in that concert hall was now married, had children, and was done day dreaming of their 5th period crush, I witnessed them hold the person they dreamt of when they were younger tight. Part of the prize of getting older is maturing and adding new people in our life to love.

2013-11-07 20.50.08-1

I asked Gus why do we enjoy concerts so much, it’s just people on a stage? He answered, “We enjoy sharing the experience together, it makes us feel a part of what’s happening on stage.”

I was encouraged to remain hopeful no matter how old I get.. like my favorite band getting back together again.

Enjoy the scene from Angus.

Music Performance: Cameron Ruffin

I did an interview with Cameron a few weeks ago and noticed he didn’t have many live performances on his youtube channel.  I emailed him and told him that we need to put a video together.
Here in San Bernardino, there are creative people but we lack a collective creative community. I enjoy seeing others going after their dreams and every so often we need a little bit of help to encourage us that we aren’t alone in the journey.
Now he has a video of him performing  a song he can share with others.

I also took a few photo.

Audio: Interview with Cameron

I love having inspiring conversations. Cameron is the lead guitarist at The Rock and a middle school teacher. I asked Cameron if I could interview him about his love for music and how he uses it to connect with his students who have behavior issues.  Here is our talk. Enjoy.


He Spells it with An O

He spells his name with an o instead of an a. It’s a miner spelling difference but it says a lot about him.
For instances, he may seem like any other guy but the moment you interact with him, you realize he’s a lot more unique then you assumed. That if you’re lucky enough to be let in his world.
A friend of mine once described him as “a diamond, hard to find and worth the effort.” Sometimes we interact with a person so fast we never fully stop and notice the diamond within them. And if we do see it, will we be brave enough to tell them what we see?
Seasons change and time runs out. My voice of effluence expired. I failed to help him see how unique that o really is.
a poem about a name

My Favorite 2011 Albums

Every year I like to document the music that affected me the most. Each songs reminds me of a feeling I felt in 2011..good or bad. Maybe I make music to personal but for me, it’s the way I understand my feelings and even express myself. Sometimes it’s not so much the words that I relate with but the emotion it creates.
I’m always in search of a new song, but sometimes the songs finds me.

Here are my 2011 Favorite Album:

1. Within and Without (Bonus Track Version)- Washed Out play
2. You Are All I See (Bonus Track Version)- Active Child play
3. Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming.- M83 play
4. Where We Are- Mackintosh Braun play
5. Making Mirrors- Gotye play
6. Ghost Upon the Earth- Gungor play
7. Ceremonials- Florence & The Machine play
8. Pulling Our Weight – The Radio Dept. play
9. Songs About Us- Us and Our Daughters play
10. Brothers (Deluxe Version)- The Black Keys play

What were some albums you fall in love with this year?

Audio: Thoughts Behind the Music

I asked my cousin Isaiah to do an interview with me. I wasn’t sure what we were going to talk about but I knew it was going to be something interesting. To my surprise we ended up talking about music. So many times we hear of success stories from the finish line, but what about the beginning days, the days where love is the fuel. I hope you are inspired as you listen to, “Thoughts Behind the Music.”


Check out more of Isaiah’s music on and add him on twitter.

A List of my Favorite Things

Favorite Song: Fade Into You – Mazzy Star

Guy Friend: Daniel, my neighborhood, 1990

Type of Drink: Chai Tea

Time of Day: Sunset

City: Sydney, Australia

Bookstore: The Devonport Vintage Bookshop, New Zealand

Coffee Shop: Bauhaus Books and Coffee, Pine Street, Seattle

Fav Lens: 85mm

Movie: Splender in the Grass

Fav Movie Scene: Classroom

All time Album: Parachutes – Coldplay 2000

Fav Non-Date: Ridding bikes at night in Newport, Ca

My favorite Aussie: Nick Khoo

Book: Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis

Message: “Your rejection is your direction” by Paul Scanion

Fav Photo shoot set: Miranda

Fav. Pastors: Pastors Jim & Deborah Cobrae

Holiday: 4th of July  (United States Independence Day)

Fav music friend: Jonathon, 2009

Fav Cousin: Sonia, 1995

Fav Photo: My parents, 1976

Place to eat in LA: Molly’s Charbroiler,  Vine St. (Closed down), 2011

Holiday Trip: Puerto Rico, 2009

My favorite blog post: “Monday”

Soundtrack: Friday Night Lights Movie Soundtrack

T.V. Show: The Wonder Years

Best Friend: Veronica, 1999

Fav. Date: “New Years Bash”, 2011

Traveling Friend: Anabel, Empire State Building, 2010

Thrift Store: Redlands Thrift, Alabama St. Redlands, Ca

Conversation: Mark Larratt, “The appearances of happiness”  

Sister Trio: The Jimenez Girls

Time to go to church: Sunday evenings

Social Network: Twitter

Podcast: Back to Work

Favorite type of Journal: The Composition

Text message: Dad, “I forgot to tell you, I love you and you make me a proud dad, and I’m proud of all your achievements you made in your life. ” 9.08.11 9:48am

And those are a few of my favorite things.. 🙂




My Playlist of the Year

My Playlist of the Year
For me music carries feelings, memories, dreams, and inspiration.
Each season I find that I come across a new artist that takes me of a journey.
Here is my soundtrack for 2010.

January: Winter Mix: The Yeah Yeahs //Miike Snow

February: Crystal Castles

March: Ian McIntosh

April: Two Door Cinema Club

May: Simon & Garfunkel

June: Passion Pit

July:  The XX

August: Local Natives // Hammock

September: Autumn mix: Jack Peñate //The Submarines

October: Ellie Goulding // Eva Cassidy – Autumn Leaves // Azure Ray – November

November: Winter Mix: Empire of the Sun//Caspian

December: The Hundred In the Hands//The Honey Trees

You can listen to my playlist on youtube:

Its strange going back and listening to my favorite songs by these artist . The emotional reaction that it sparked actually made me relive the season I passed through. They did indeed play a role in my life. Most of my songs made me think of a friend that I no longer keep in touch with.

Christmas and the Music Wall

This Christmas I was asked to create a video that told the story of Jesus in a different and modern way. The goal was to make the birth of Jesus relatable to the 21st century person. My pastor gave the team this scripture to work from, “He is the one who comes after me, the straps of whose sandals I am not worthy to untie.” John 1:27. From there all the creative departments went and created their media.
I created the opening video. Every video editor knows how important it is to find the perfect song. My sixth attempt was with a track from “Moving Mountains – The Earth and the Sky”. I found that it enhance the images on screens and made the words easy to follow.

On rehearsal night my pastor expressed to me that she loved the video but had a hard time connecting with the music. I then went back to the editing timeline to see if any of the songs she suggested would work. I discovered I had connected with my first song so much that it was hard to imagine the images that were laid down to anything else. I had hit a music wall.
The last song that was suggested to us was August Rush. I expressed that I didn’t mind the video being changed, whatever it took for the message to be presented how my Pastor saw fit.
As a video editor, someone who puts their heart and soul in to a project, I have learnt its ok to let go and allow someone else to take over. Pride is not an issue and its nothing personal. My boss who used to video edit said he would give it a go. Here is the second version that was aired at the Girls Night Out event where more than 3,000 women showed up. Sitting in the back and watching this opening video, I was very proud of our team effort.  It was neat to see this new personality the video had.

So which ever version you prefer, the goal was accomplished and the story was told.

Merry Christmas.