Being a Church Editor

Ten years ago there was no such thing as a church editor. Churches around the world used old fashion overhead projectors and an awkward church greeter to deliver upcoming events.

A lot has changed since then. Technology has transformed our world dramatically. We entered in to the digital age not knowing how much it would impact our culture. Video has become another language that we speak to connect with each other. As a church editor, I use the visual tool to connect with a new generation, the unchurched and those who walk in our building as a stranger.

The video department’s goal is to connect the senior pastors vision to every member, in my case, more than 24,000 people. We also communicate what is taking place on campus in order to help build lives, restores homes, help the helpless, fed the hungry, and make a large church feel like a small church. It’s our job to tell the story.

My senior pastor once told me, “You’re going to change the world from that desk.” With that encouragement I know I can lead a team that will fulfill the major task that we, the church editors, have. We are the modern day scribes. We record, capture, edit and share the miracles that God is doing in the lives of the people.

Working for a church is no clocking in and out job. Your mind must always be taking notes. You have to know the heart beat of the church in order to create a video that tells others what it’s saying. You must learn the culture of the people who sit in those seats every week. I am part of a unique and powerful church that is placed in the middle of a bankrupt city, there is no copying formulas. To this day, I’m still learning my church’s heritage and mission.

The best way to get started at your church, is to show your willingness and faithfulness. Volunteer your time to create, learn and pour into your church. Talk with a pastor to see if you can do an internship to start making videos for youth, or for the adult church. If you are new at editing, this process may take a while to produce anything worth showing. But don’t give up, you’ll get better and smarter. I couldn’t have gotten to where I am now on my own, that was God walking me though the journey and Him leading me.

One warning when you are editing for free of any kind. If you find you are doing it more than 30 hours a week, and for more than 6 months, and feel your skill level is payable, then maybe talk with your supervisor about a possibility of a paid position. When volunteering anywhere, there is never a guaranteed for a job, but Ive seen how faithfulness, and showing good working ethics can create great opportunities.

A church Editor is no easy job, you must develop your skill level and also your heart. Hearing from God is needed in order to create something that will impact those who see your work. The good news is that He is strong in your weakness. He helps you through the journey.


People have appreciated photography from the day it was born. Video however, well, that’s a different story. You would think by now people would see how powerful video are. But lets face it, video has a bad rep. Home videos are shaky, youtube is full of awful clips that somehow get millions of views, and the common person just doesn’t know how to document life well. When it comes to everyday video, no one would really calls it beautiful. As a video editor and a photographer, I now mesh filming and photography together to create a new generation of what I call, photo-videos.

Over a period of time people might begin to feel disconnected to their photos, it could feel like a life time ago. But with photo-videos, there is something powerful when watching those moments come to life. It’s as if you get to live them again.


I filmed my new-born one week old nephew and took a few photos. The photos came out great but to watch this clip and see how he is learning how to move his hands, not able to control his moment, laying their helpless, in need of care and 24 hours surveillance, is something a photo would have left out. And he lays there in perfect peace, with not a care in the world. When I watch this, I see a miracle of God.



My friend’s best friend’s family came from Scotland to visit California. Their little girl brought everyone so much joy. The photo I took of her shows how adorable she is but the video shows just how much she loves broccoli. Just a small detail in her life that one day her mom will say, “Remember when you used to love broccoli?” Now little Madison can see for herself.


Digital cameras are getting better and better. I recommend to not only snap photos with it, but also take some photo-videos. Ten years from now, you will look back at your footage and wish you would have recorded more. Life moments are so sweet they deserve to look good. So hold your camera steady and share the joy of life with the world.