The Buzz of the City

The buzz of the city filled the air with endless possibilities. From the moment we saw the bay bridge we knew we were in for an adventure. I imagined young people working in their studio offices making creative decisions that would influence our culture. The first stop we made was a hidden coffee shop. WhenContinue reading “The Buzz of the City”

Road Trip: San Francisco

On our way to San Francisco I read off a sign with all the towns we were passing through. I remembered I had an aunt that lives near by. When I called her she was so excited, I couldn’t even get a word in. I introduced her to Gus and told her about our adventureContinue reading “Road Trip: San Francisco”

Travel: Rediscovering San Francisco

I’ve always seen you as a busy city but over looked the smiles that you gave me. The woman who made my coffee, The man who answered my question, made me think of a poem, “live up north once but move before it makes you too soft.” As I walked your crowded streets a manContinue reading “Travel: Rediscovering San Francisco”