Travel to New Orleans

The beginning of a new journey requires an openness to expect the unexpected. What fun would it be if all answers were given to you. My greatest desire is to see a new world, to meet strangers that can become friends. The art of travel isn’t having the perfect irtenery, its in the moments of getting lost and the random moment I discover something new. It’s creating memories that will return to me and take home that make travel worth it all.

When we take the time to learn another’s journey and see the battle fields with our own eye, that generations after are still fighting. Their stories open our hearts and now have a name and a face to stories that were told to us growing up.

The company of friends, the connections we grow as we walk the city, drive the highway and fly through the clouds, together we make everywhere we go, home.

New Orleans is alive and well. History happened here, and the community’s will to overcome has once again made the city come to life. Its a place where strangers work together to create music, to sing above the hardships many had to face through out history. The ghost of the past haunt the streets, but its the life of the present that brightens up each street corner. If you stop to smile, you will receive a smile back. We walked the fields of slaves, visited a house of slaves owners, and felt the aches of hearts broken at the cost of profits. It was the sight I saw the day before we left that help me process history’s ugly past,  there in front of me was a couple who was black and white ridding bikes together along the Mississippi River. I am fortunate to be part of history, for I myself am free to travel the world to see the stories of others unfold before me.

Growing your Blog Audience

This is the most common question I’ve been getting, and the funny thing is that my answer keeps changing. There are many reasons why someone and why you are subscribe to my blog. I think that is the key. Giving you many reasons, attracting many different people.

I also care about you. I care that you reach your goals, that you find happiness and that you are inspired. I at times get emailed from people asking to post things on my blog, to advertise and my firsts thought is what would you want. I want my blog site to be a safe place for everyone, I also want it to be a place where you can find honesty, the truth, my journey in my career, photography, how you can succeed and even my faith.

Blogging is about paying attention to your ideas and your audience. Give them a reason to come back and give yourself reasons to keep on writing.

Here are some thoughts you can apply to your own blog. Maybe they will help.

1. Make your blog navigation easy and organized.
2. Make it easy for someone to subscribe.
3. Use tags so people can find your topic.
4. Don’t have too many categories, it will overwhelm the user. It will overwhelm you!
5. Make your post visually appealing and keep your text short.
6. Your title of your post is important, it needs to say your point.
7. Be honest, even if you are scared, show your flaws but remember to leave on a hopeful note.
8. Blog consistently, once a week is good, and respond to comments.
9. Help others, encourage them.
10. Post photos, everyone loves photos!
11. Write about what you are in to.
12. Make every post as professionally as possible, post work that you are proud of.

I saw my numbers grow when I was featured on WordPress Front Page, Freshly Pressed. It was my Paris trip that got my blog the most attention. I had been blogging for two years with 30 subscribers and gave them my best work. It prepared me for the 2000 that followed. My advice is, don’t make blogging about numbers, make it about people. Write about what you are passionate about and what you love! 🙂 Above all, you gotta enjoy it.


How are you growing your audience on your blog?

How did you find mine?

Photos: Chinese New Year

With a large city like Los Angeles there is always something taking place. The Chinese New Year was happening in Chinatown and I’ve always wanted to see the dancing dragon so my friend and I made our way to the big city.

The interesting thing was that everyone had a DSLR. It was intimidating but as I began to shoot I noticed they were forgetting to take photos of the most interesting thing, the people reacting to the parade.

It was an awesome time being apart of a different culture 🙂

Q&A: My Interview with You

The past few years I’ve blogged to an audience of two. I would mainly create posts for my high school best friend. She would text me asking me when I was going to write something new. I began to write about everything I was in to; Photography, editing, film making, books, traveling, God. Soon other friends and co-workers were reading, they would stop me in the halls and want to talk about what I wrote last night.
This alarmed me, “Who else is reading?” My first reaction was to close up but I knew it was honesty that was drawing more readers.
I started to receive emails from young girls who wanted to become film makers, guys who wanted me to check out their videos to critique, people who were searching for hope, others who just wanted to be inspired.. Two blog readers became one thousand. 

I often wonder about you. I wonder who you are, how did you find me but most of all I wonder about your creative journey.

I’ve learned that sharing where you come from can help others. So here is my interview with you –
What is your hometown like?

What are you most passionate about?

What inspires you?

What subject can you talk hours about?

What is your dream job?

If you could travel anywhere, where would it be?

What was your first positive creative experience?

What do you blog about?

What is your message to the world?


I look forward to hearing from you 🙂

The Door

An exit, an entrance.

One major reason I enjoy traveling so much is because my ears, eyes and heart are open. The first few days in Seattle, I felt like I couldn’t see what this city was trying to tell me.  Though my purpose for this trip was to be a student at a workshop, I knew I was in this city for deeper reason. As I walked downtown I was looking at the buildings, the strangers walking the streets but still it wasn’t saying anything to me.

A Door: Any gateway marking an entrance or exit from one place or state to another.

One of my random goals has been to enjoy a cup of coffee in Seattle. I thought I accomplished this on the first day but it wasnt until I shared one with others did I get the full experience.

The first cup was with Jenny. She lives in Vancouver but is from Ireland. She was the first person I met from the workshop.  After the class, we went to a corner cafe and talked about film making and life back at home. I told her she needs to make a film cause I know I would like her style. She joked and said she would make 200 days of Autumn for me. I laughed and told her how I really want her too.

The second was with Corey and his friends. We drove away from downtown and ended up at this cool place where the streets were full of fixie bikes and young people with laptops.  We enjoyed our drinks and talked about Seattle’s love for coffee.

The last was with an unexpected person. Just a few hours before he was a complete stranger. We sat and talked about family and shared our life stories.We walked around Capital Hill and ate burgers from Dickie.

As I was getting my stuff ready to go to the airport, I realized the city had spoken to me after all. I was looking for the door alone, but I needed others to be a part of opening it. The people I met brought the city to life and gave me confidence to exit the door of fear and enter with courage.

Now I see that Seattle was preparing me for Vancouver next year. If I could meet amazing new people in a few days imagine a year in a new city. I have nothing to fear and everything to hope for.

What I’m listening too..