Black and White shoot

I decided to change what I was looking for during this shoot. I found the real change was in the editing room. When I was picking out the photos -the usual ones I would disregard I decided to keep and my normal shots, I disregarded.

I for one love color but I wanted different results so I went black and white. I wanted to capture the eyes attention and keep it. Black and white has that power.

Here is Olivia.

Color….. I couldn’t help myself. 🙂

Capture it

“Otherwise, the moment just… Passes you by…” A great line and conversation from My Best Friend’s Wedding.

My mom was getting my nephew packed up and ready to go home. As I was kissing him good bye I took a mental picture in my memory. I decided to get my camera. When I returned my mom was grabbing him. I had to plead with her to let me take a photo. She gave me three seconds and took him away.

I got the photo…I saved the memory.