Slowing down, when life give you an opportunity

Written and Photography by Monica Lopez / Model: Hannah Rangel submitted piece to Bella Grace Magazine It’s nice when you get a chance to stop and take life in, sometimes it can look like a set back; unemployment, or even an accomplishment; the day after graduating school, or sometimes it’s something beyond your control. LastContinue reading “Slowing down, when life give you an opportunity”

How to Make a Music Video —

<<back to tutorial Archives I received an email asking how to make a music video. I may not be super qualified to answer this question because I make all kinds of other videos but that doesn’t mean you or I can not make a music video. It just means we gotta learn how to completeContinue reading “How to Make a Music Video —”

Holiday Photos with a New Camera

I saved up this year to buy a fancy point and shoot camera, the Nikon CoolPix P300. As a photographer, no point and shoot camera will ever be good enough but what makes it special, are the people in the pictures. Here are my holiday photos. The drive home from Big Bear I told myContinue reading “Holiday Photos with a New Camera”

An Interview with Monica by Karina

My friend Karina asked if she could interview me for a school paper. The assignment was to write about someone or something creative. She said she thought of me right away. I was honored and yet nerves. I’ve been friends with Karina since middle school. She has witnessed me as a sky awkward girl becomeContinue reading “An Interview with Monica by Karina”

Funeral Photos?

My cousin was recently killed by a drunk driver.  The driver and my family will never be the same.  At the funeral I knew a lot of my family who I haven’t seen in years would be there.  I thought this would be the perfect time to capture them on film.  At first I wasn’tContinue reading “Funeral Photos?”