The Buzz of the City

The buzz of the city filled the air with endless possibilities. From the moment we saw the bay bridge we knew we were in for an adventure. I imagined young people working in their studio offices making creative decisions that would influence our culture. The first stop we made was a hidden coffee shop. WhenContinue reading “The Buzz of the City”

Audio: Old Family Photos

audio player not available for mobiles Intro Photo 1 – My Grandfather Photo 2 – The Funeral Photo 3 – The Older Sister Photo 4 – Baby Boomer Generation (my mom: the fourth child) Photo 5 – I Felt Sorry for Him Story – The Dishes (my mom: the top left) What Did She TeachContinue reading “Audio: Old Family Photos”

The Photo System

I am reading this amazing book called, “In the Blink of An Eye” by famous film editor Walter Murch. He gives amazing insight and speaks a language I understand. As I begin to work on my small movie scene that I shot this weekend, I am following his instructions carefully. I am hanging on everyContinue reading “The Photo System”

Photoshoot: Me

My older sister put the idea in my head, “Monica, you should do a photoshoot of yourself before you get old.” In the house of every old woman is a photo of her when she was young. Her beauty displays the time she lived in and the person she once was. I wanted a photoContinue reading “Photoshoot: Me”