The Ultimate Creation

It’s interesting to have a dream and then one day your wish becomes a reality. As a little girl raised in the 80’s gender roles were still traditional. My dad worked and my mom stayed at home with my sisters and I. My first toy was a doll, and from age three I couldn’t wait to become a mother myself.

As I grew up my goals changed to create videos and travel the world. Every time I boarded an airplane I always felt successful . As I explored each new city, I felt alive discovering new cultures and meeting new people. It wasn’t until after I quit my job to travel the world did I finally start to ask my self the deep questions about my life purpose. My prayer was, “God where do you want me?” Leading my own life and doing whatever I wanted was leaving me feel empty.

When I returned back to work I decided I would start committing, first was to a job and second was to a boy who had been chasing me; Gus. Soon I discovered the gift of commitment, I was able to develop roots and discover the rewards of giving of myself.

The love I received from opening my heart to Gus was priceless. The amount of leadership skills I was developing at work was rewarding. Both came with sacrifice of self, and allowing life and God to grow me.

Now I am walking into a new era of life. Being a mom. Once I found out I was pregnant, there was no going back, this is what I wanted since I was three and now it was time to become a mom of a child. I started to imagine what Mary, the mother of Jesus went through. She was on the run, 9 months pregnant ridding on a donkey. Then I thought of my own mom, what she must have went though. Then I thought of my friend who was only 18 when she told me she was pregnant. It was like for the first time my mind and heart was seeing what these women had to go through, they were full of courage to walk toward the ultimate gift of being a woman; motherhood.

As my body is preparing to hold a life inside its self, my heart is opening. I am now part of this new club called being a mom. I admit I never really gave them must credit, I mean we all hear how its hard, but its not just hard, its also so giving. Heart – soul – life – body.

Throwing up and having morning sickness, Gus told me our kid will never know what I went through in order to have them. I know they won’t get it right away, but one day when they have kids.. they’ll finally get it. On to the ultimate creation; life of a human .

Jacob, The Listener

Months before my sister got pregnant with her second son I had a dream of him. I was carrying him on my back like the Native American women and taking care of him. In the dream I remembered thinking, “He is different, he is deep.” I woke up excited for this baby boy to exist. She soon announced she was pregnant and gave birth to him earlier this year.

Today I was spending time with Jacob and discovered he is a great listener. My dream was right, he was different. He is five months and I can already tell. We went outside to enjoy the fresh air and I found myself talking to him about all sorts of things. I told him about Central Park in New York, the streets of Sydney and how I loved it there but missed the family. I held on to his little hand and told him about the season change and the joy of Summer. I later wondered how he was able to get me talking like this. When his older brother, David was a baby, I never knew what to talk about. David would just look at me and make me feel so dumb. haha.

Jacob smiles every time I kiss him and even laughs at my jokes. He also doesn’t mind watching me edit on my computer. Call me crazy, but Jacob is one of the coolest people I know. I am thankful to be a part of his life.

Photo Shoot: Sarah at 8 months

I was excited when my pregnant sister asked me to do a photo shoot with her. 🙂 I wanted to capture the emotions a woman may feel when being pregnant. Though I have no idea what it’s like, I picture having quiet moments wondering what this child will be like, what they will look like, what kind of personality they will have, and if they will be the next great artist.

Baby Jacob.

My family has always been very modest so when my sister revealed her belly for the shoot I was taken by it. I couldn’t help but think of the miracle of life.

This shot made me think of Jesus’ mother, Mary. The son of God was once inside the belly of a woman. Crazy!

Here is a slide show of some of my favorite shots.