How to Reconnect Media in Final Cut

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An editors worst fear is to watch their video with an audience and see a MEDIA OFF LINE clip. I’ve seen it happen to the best of us. There was once a time I didn’t know how to reconnect my media with grace, I used to panic at the sight of a bright red MEDIA OFF LINE. Media off line happens when your main clips are moved, renamed, or deleted. If they aren’t deleted then there is hope, other wise you will have to recapture the deleted clips.

Here are two ways to Reconnect your media in Final Cut Pro.

1. You are able to reconnect more than one clip. Select all the media offline clips and right click on to “Reconnect Media.”

2. If you like you can select all your missing clips in your Browser window. You can select clips that aren’t next to each other by pressing command on your keyboard and selecting with your mouse.

3. You again select all your missing clips and right click >Reconnect Media.

4.Now you see the Reconnect Files window. You can Locate the folder where all your clips are and hit choose. It will not only reconnect that one clip you are directing but all the other media that are in the folder.

5. Or Search for the name of your clip. If you change the name of the clip you are trying to reconnect, you can un-check “Matched Name and Reel Only”, then it will let you connect your clip with it’s new name.

6. Hit Chose and it will connect all the other found clips.

7. You can also change the default location FCP searches in where it says Search Single Location, click on the pull down menu and it will give you the option to add a search location or you can direct it to the hard drive you are work from.

Now your media is connected and all your hard work won’t be over looked by the dreadful media offline clips.

Every editor has to start somewhere, keep working hard and learning.

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