Dear Social Media

Dear Social Media,

I want my life back. My moments, my relationships and privacy. I no longer want the pressure to brag and show off where I am at, what I am eating and who I am with. I know you mean well, but when I instantly give these precious life moments to share, I lose them as I try to upload, tag, and write a caption.

Thanks for what you do, connecting me with people but I also need to connect with the people in front of me. I’m putting my phone down and forgetting about it when I don’t need it. When I snap a photo, I’ll look at it later. The world can wait and so can I.

Wednesday morning before work I heard an interview with the creators of Instagram. I was pulled in by their witty personalities and big dreams. I listened with closeness as I heard their heart behind Instagram. They spoke about capturing those special moments; children learning how to walk, a mom spending time with their child, graduations, weddings, birthdays and how people can share images as they happen.

I began to think about all the big events in my life to my everyday routine. I thought to myself, “Those are mine, I don’t want to give them away by snapping a photo, writing a caption and uploading it.” I’ve learned through the years about the sacrifice a photo can cost. Live life or take a photo of it? I have to make a decision between enjoy what is taking place or pulling out my camera and capturing it. And now because of instant publishing more time is lost to experience life.

The question is how do I solve this dilemma? If I’m not careful, I can end up experiencing life though a screen, missing out on the beauty that no camera can capture.

This 4th of July weekend I did an experiment. Take a photo and look at it later. I was anxious to share immediately but instead told myself to enjoy my time with the people I love most.

Looking back on the photos, I can appreciate them even more because I got to live them.

Photos: Last Woman Alive

My friend emailed me the photos that he took from our shoot. We both thought it was interesting how we came up with different visions. There is a lot to say about a photographer’s photos. The photographer’s perspective is captured.

Maybe I’m getting too deep but I would say Hector captured a side of me that I’ve never seen in a photo; I’m mysterious, confident, and little crazy. As if I’m about to do something big. haha.. The funny thing is, it’s true…be afraid. 🙂

Photos: Last Man Alive

The best time to walk around the city is late at night when no one is around. It was like my friend and I were the only ones alive. As I directed him to pose for me,  the story began to come alive.
He was the last man on earth..

My friend also took some photos of me, so I’m curious to see what story he captured.