The Future You will Thank You

20140606-153740-56260025.jpgDo you have any weird rules you put on yourself?
I have one where I tell myself to read a chapter of a book before I hang out online, watch netflix or play on my ipad. I also put my timer on for 15 minutes to keep me still while reading. I use to have a problem not finishing books, and now I read one in the morning another in the evening. Another rule, I only allow myself to go to Starbucks once a day. I can never visit twice because I can easily make three visits if I’m not careful, spending my weekly lunch budget.
Even since I was a kid, I wanted to break the rules the moment someone gave them to me but when I placed them on myself, I had more self control. I know “Future Monica” will thank me. Living a disciple life doesn’t have to be hard, but the moment you give up on one rule, you will find your self compromising in other areas.
What rules do you put on yourself? What made you create that rule?
I know if we aren’t careful how we conduct our lives, we can become lazy and stop growing. One day, you’ll be thankful you never gave up on your dreams and future you will thank you.