Audio: Interview with Cameron

I love having inspiring conversations. Cameron is the lead guitarist at The Rock and a middle school teacher. I asked Cameron if I could interview him about his love for music and how he uses it to connect with his students who have behavior issues.  Here is our talk. Enjoy.


Route 66 – Classic Cars

I’ve always been fascinated with old cars. My parents tell me stories about how everyone in the city would drive all night and “cruse” the streets.

My community once a year has a huge car show called Route #66. Everyone in town comes and shows off their classic cars.

You can watch the full set of photos here.

Work Anniversary

Today is my official four-year anniversary working at The Rock Church. I text my friend the good news and she congratulated me for sticking around and committing myself to a job for that long.

When I was out in LA a few weeks ago a few people asked me what I did for a living. When I said “I’m a video editor at my church” they would give me a blank look, having no idea what a “church editor” does. Many asked, “Why does a church need a full-time video editor?”

Well The Rock Church has 23,000 members. We live in a world where communication is visual. I communicate whats going on through video announcements (mini commercials), communicate the vision of the church through special spot light videos (mini-documentaries), communicate what God is speaking to the hearts of the pastors (short films). I report the stories of what God has done in people’s lives at The Rock, visually (the news).

I just don’t sit at a computer and edit but I also come up with concepts, go out and film, direct, coordinate, etc etc etc. Thank goodness I have Beth who also edits with me. Together we produce some of the most random, funny, deep and inspiring videos San Bernardino has ever seen.

Each week our videos are seen by 13,000 people. Sometimes on holidays or large events I get a opportunity to share what is on my heart. The cool thing about The Rock is they give me so much creative freedom. They trust me. I am a little girl back stage creating videos and they allow me to speak in to lives of thousands each week.

When I returned home in 2007, I kept asking God, “Why did you bring me back!!”  Four years later, I now know why. The Rock Church has the most amazing heart for God and people. It’s a church that cares for people and has integrity.What I’ve learned here I couldn’t have learned anywhere else.

Here is a video I created for Easter about The Rock Church and World Outreach Center. We are a church full of real people with real lives who want to know God.

I am thankful and honored to be apart of The Rock. Happy Anniversary to me.

VID: Youth Conference 2011

I’m always excited to work on videos for the youth department. I know I can take some risk with my creativity and if my creative idea fails, chances are teenagers will still think its cool. The theme this year is When Worlds Collide YoConf2011.

I pictured faces of young people with shadows appearing on them as if two planets were colliding. I considered creating the shadow in After Effects but thought it would be easier to take the sun visor from my car and have someone cover their faces to create the large shadow.

My first cut came out comical which wasn’t what I wanted. I guess that’s a risk when creating something sci-fi-ish.  But as soon as I added all the elements, it came together nicely. I watched one of Nick Khoo’s tutorial and thought this dreamy effect would be a great look for this video. Here are both. You can try it yourself.

Australian & New Zealand travels

A dream of mine for years was to go to Bible College in Texas.  After things didn’t work out because of finances I went to design school and studied video editing and graphic design.  Even in the midst of my new-found passion as an artist, I still never forgot my desire to go to Bible College.

After much exposure to some of Hillsong United DVD’s that documented a youth movement in Sydney, Australia, I began to do research. Turns out it was not only an amazing church but a Bible College that offered a course in TV and Media.  It was the perfect place for me.

There I met some amazing people and had some great opportunities. I volunteered for their large conferences as a camera person and assistant. The moment they found out I had some background in video editing and design I was asked to be apart of the youth video team.  There I became a faithful volunteer and later was asked to do some paid jobs for albums and weekly church services. This is my demo reel of the work I did. Things were making sense as to why God had me wait things out and go to school first.  My passion + my faith and love for Him was going to come together for my = destiny.

Almost 3 years later since I called New South Whales home, my life has changed and I have grown dramatically as a person.  I recently went back for a visit. Here is a video I edited together of some of the fun moments I had with my Australian and New Zealand Friends.

In New Zealand, it felt like time stopped. I no longer could hear the clock ticking. We came across the most amazing greenhouse at one of the museum.

When we were out getting lunch I found a little book store which had the most unique books I ever came across. If I was alone I would have spent a few hours in this used book store. Looking through all the rows of books I found a book of poems that caught my attention, I knew this would be perfect for my collection.

The best part of going back and visiting friends was seeing how much they changed and grew. I was also able to see how far I came along, and how much this place was no longer home for me.

On the last day I went to the Harbor and said good bye to the beautiful city, I knew I wouldn’t see it again for a very long time.