His Exchange Rate

During my drive home, I began to think about how different my life will be in a few days. I’ll be leaving a job I love. Why you ask? Because I am crazy. At least this is what I’ve told myself. The real reason is I know God’s exchange rate is awesome.
I started to remember of all the times I’ve held on to something tight and when I finally gave it to God, what He did with it.
A very hurt heart – When I gave it to God, He help me discover my creativity which brought me healing. It also led to studying graphic design and digital editing.
My desire to go to Bible College in Texas – Years passed and nothing came about. He then showed me Hillsong in Australia that had a theology and media program. I lived there for a year and a half and worked as an editor.
Hating my hometown and wanting to live in Australia forever – He placed me in a job that was about loving and caring for people in my hometown. At The Rock Church I learnt what it was to have His heart beat. I also discovered photography, my love for film making, leadership skills, and most of all confidence.
Worrying about what I’m going to do next month – Peace. He will lead me to the perfect job, as long as I keep following His guidance.
I now believe that I can do any job I put my heart into.
Though I don’t have another job lined up I know once I hand over this position to a new editor, God will continue to show me His awesome exchange rate. I’ve been saving up and preparing for this transition for a few years now, it’s time to take that step of faith and go for it.
After I thought all this I looked up. The sky was full of the most beautiful colors I have ever seen. It was like a painting. Can you believe this beautiful exist in the mist of our crazy world?