Movie Review: Soul Surfer

Today I went with my family to go see Soul Surfer at the theaters. I love how honest they kept the story. Though some of the acting was B rated, I thought the main actress was amazing. She had a smile that brighten up the room. It was interesting how the movie wasnt about the shark or about losing her arm but was about this young girl’s faith in God and how she over came the impossible. The movie left me inspired to never give up and to be thankful for what God is doing in my life.

I’m really excited that films are being made where anyone no matter what they believe in, can watch and be inspired. The editing was amazing, the cinematography was beautiful, and special effects were so clean. My dream to be apart of films that are of good quality and share the heart of God, is closer than ever before.  After the film I could hear everyone talking about the movie and how much they enjoyed it. There were these young girls in the restroom talking about Bethany’s strength. The ride home with my mom, aunt and cousin was about how we have no reason to give up when we face hard times in life, they only make us stronger.

I’m not much a movie review person, but this movie had what people are looking for. Hope.