Creativity is easy.. Or is it?

I’ve been making a living from my creativity for twelve years, I passed most of my classes in high school because of it. I owe most of personality to my creativity.
But when it comes to my work ethic, I owe it to my desire to do the will of God. I owe it my parents examples who still come home tired and worn out. Hard work is apart of my faith and life. So what to do when my gift becomes work? Should I say I’m not creative because it’s requiring more than I’m use to? Maybe the gift has left?
Fear not, I’ve learned creativity is asking you to dig deeper and to try something new. One of the biggest contribution to having a healthy flow is the right amount of rest. Too much rest can make you lazy not enough rest can make you anxious.
My brain works better when I’m using it. (Duh). Reading books and reading articles ask my brain to work and exercise. When I’m spending too much time watching TV or on entertainment I notice it hinders my creative flow. When you do something that doesn’t require your imagination your imagination isn’t being challenged.
Creativity can be hard work. It requires you to sacrifice your time, attention and focus. It requires you to go read a book and to complete it. It requires you to think. We live in a time when we can download an app to think for us. I may not come home physically tired like my parents but I come home mentally tired. The new generation of hard work is using your mind. You can’t afford to waste it on things that don’t matter anymore.
If you’re planning on making a dollar off your creativity, you’re going to have to learn how to think….and people, employees or customers will pay for that.
If I wrote a self help book it would be called, “My zombie days are over!” 🙂

Run Away

The problem with creativity is it takes time to develop. We take it for granted that it will always be there inside our brains and souls whenever we need it. During the busy seasons at work and life I find myself searching in an empty room. It seems I used up all the items in my creative storage.

Thinking is the most important element when it comes to creativity. If you live on deadlines like me, you will discover there is no time to sit and daydream. When this happens, the best advice I give to you is to run away. Run away from every distraction that is haunting you down, find a place, sit and breath. You will surprise yourself at what ideas come in to your mind. Life flows though your mind like a dream, remembering and connecting different thoughts together.

When you hear stories of the great creative thinkers and inventors one thing they have in common is they took daily walks. When you look at your list of things to do, you will see that it can wait.

For even my phone needs time to charge, so my brain needs time to process thoughts. I have found its hard to be still but those who have discovered it discover some of life’s greatest secrets. Nature its self holds answers to questions we fail to answer on our own.