A Story

First press play:

Once upon a time there was a small kitten named Baby. She had vibrant stripes that went across her back. Baby’s mother could spot her anywhere which meant Baby was often caught when up to no good. Baby loved the attention she would get from her family because of her unique fur.

One day, Baby went out side to explore. She saw something moving at the other end of the yard. She ran across to see what it was. As she approached the bushes a beautiful cat came from underneath the leaves. This cat was perfect in every way. He looked at her and nodded his head to greet her. “What are those lines across your back?” he asked her. Baby proudly answered him, “They are my stripes. My mother says I am unique.” He looked confused and responded to her, “You should make your fur a solid color like myself.” He went on to say, “The human creatures will be nicer to you and feed you the most delicious food if you do.” Baby didn’t like the way this cat was speaking to her. He was telling her to change the very thing that made her stand out from all the other city cats.  Baby took a step backwards and said, “If I change my fur then I won’t be me anymore, I would be like all the others.” The beautiful cat stuck up his nose and turned around.

Baby ran home thinking of what the cat told her. “I don’t care if he’s beautiful, I like being me.” Just then she saw her reflection in a small puddle. She thought, “There is only one of me in the entire world, why would I want to change that?” Baby then heard her mother calling out for her and ran in to her arms. Her mother said, “Baby, you are my beautiful kitten, so unique and brave.”

The End.